Convenience On Campus

Clint Heinze--Brittany Sparkman sports the CBU attire found in the bookstore.

At the beginning of the semester the bookstore at California Baptist University is hopping with students as they scour for books, scribbling down ISBN numbers and emptying their bank accounts.

After the crucial first month of the semester, the bookstore returns to its quiet atmosphere.

This year the bookstore is trying to implement the idea of the CBU phrase, “Live your Purpose.” Some of the displays, such as the new typography display, helps them achieve this.

“We’re trying to get more of a family feel; bigger than just textbooks,” said Kendra Johnson, CBU staff member.

Besides just textbooks, the bookstore contains essentials for everyday life that seem to be forgotten by most.

First off there are the essentials to life; medicine and candy.

When walking into the bookstore the first thing that is seen are the shelves with an array of medicine. Bendadryl, Nyquil, Tylenol and Aleve are at your fingertips. Whether it’s a headache or a cold, these medicines will provide the remedy.

They also have a bountiful variety of candy: sour, sweet, chocolate, peanut butter- enough to fulfill that inevitable sweet tooth.

A plethora of school supplies are also found in the aisles of the bookstore. No special trip to Target needed, everything that a student would need is available right here on campus.

Rulers, Expo markers, dictionaries, glue, Post It notes, protractors, highlighters, paper clips, scissors, tape and more can all found on the shelves.

Forget a friend’s birthday or need a card to send home for the holidays? There are plenty of greeting cards at the bookstore. Many are featured at the college friendly price of one dollar give or take a few cents. Envelopes and mailing labels are available for more convenience.

The bookstore is a type of school spirit headquarters on campus, presenting CBU paraphernalia with pride. There are backpacks, sweaters, shirts, boxers, stickers, and mugs, all displaying the essence of being a Lancer.

CBU parents can also show their pride with the items found on the shelves of the bookstore. “CBU MOM” and “CBU DAD” window stickers and sweatshirts are a sure hit. Parents can show off their student no matter how far they live.

They also have everything needed to be a Lancer. Many majors on campus have their own section of supplies. The art section is adorned with paint brushes, X- Acto knives, paper and portfolio folders. CBU also offers the trendy goggles and lab coat for science classes and labs offered.

Being students, pens and pencils are very important to life. There is a large section with every type of pen or pencil imaginable at the bookstore: every color, every style, every point of lead.

The bookstore also offers Bibles, devotional books and other tools that encourage a students walk with the Lord.

For day-to-day needs the bookstore is stocked and ready to help.

With the flip of a page and the ring of a bell, the bookstore is the place to go even after all textbook hustle and bustle at the beginning of the semester.

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