Mini tour: Four days create unity among male chorale

On Nov. 4, 2010, the Male Chorale embarked on a four day mini tour across California, which included eight concerts.

This music group plans mini tours annually but this year was different.

Unlike previous years, Judd Bonner, associate dean for the School of Music, planned the tour during the fall semester for an earlier taste of what the larger tour in May would be like.

“Well the group is so good that I wanted to get them out to as many concerts as possible,” Judd said. “I thought it was an outstanding, productive and smooth flowing mini tour.”

Mini tour was as much of an experience for the members of the choral group as it was for its audience. The tour helped both groups grow through a new kind of experience.

“With the mini tour you can get eight concerts done in four days as opposed to just going out on Sunday night,” Judd Bonner said. “It grows the group musically, it grows the group spiritually but it especially grows the group relationally.”

The Male Chorale toured and sang at churches throughout Californian cities, including: Buellton, Lemoore, Las Gatos, Livermore and Hanford. They also performed in high school assemblies in the towns of Las Gatos and Lemoore.

Choir members learned much and were impressed with the results of the tour, including the effective effort that was put forth by their peers.

“Everything went so smoothly. Everybody handled their part. Everybody was just on the ball. It was just really good,” Devron Suttle, the drummer, said. “I think now everybody has a glimpse of what it’s going to be like on the big tour.”