1 Loko, 2 Loko, 3 Loko, Gone?

Kenton Jacobsen--Four Lokos to be banned from store shelves if FDA does not see a change in formula.

Four Lokos, an energy drink mixed with alcohol, could be labeled “cocaine in can.” This is precisely why this beverage was banned which resulted in mixed emotions from its consumers.

Four Lokos, which is said to be the youth’s drink of choice, is composed of 12 percent alcohol. It contains caffeine, taurine like most energy drinks, Guarana, wormwood, an ingredient of absinthe; an herb used to make liquor.

With all these ingredients and the amount of alcohol it contains, drinking one can is like drinking seven regular cups of coffee and has the effects of four beers.

This drink, created by three alumni from Ohio State University in 2006, was distributed throughout Arizona, California and Illinois, in the same year.

The Food and Drug Administration did not agree for this alcoholic power drink to contain caffeine so that caused a federal inquiry. The FDA followed these companies over the past year and now have given them 15 days to reformulate the product or face the federal law.

Mallory Munroe, nursing major at California Baptist University, said the reason for the concern is that “alcohol is more a depressant especially on your heart, while caffeine works as a stimulant,” meaning people are putting two substances in their body that serve opposing purposes.

“Combining both will make you hyped up from the caffeine, but then it makes you want to drink more because you are not feeling that drunk effect,” Munroe said.

The FDA sent letters to 30 manufacturers requiring them to disclose the amount of caffeine in the product. This is giving the companies a possible chance to continue on with their product if they obey the laws.

If inquiry is disregarded, the FDA has the ability to discontinue the product.

Drinking Four Lokos is especially a trend with underage consumers. They see it as an easy and cheap way to get drunk, while not realizing the physical effects.

Banishment could occur on Dec. 13 in some locations.