CAB brings new meaning to ‘Yule’tide

Chris Hardy--Luke Womack and Kristin De La Cruz were awarded Mr. and Ms. CBU at Yule.

After a night of three forks, decadent desserts and an array of fine attire, an estimated 360 California Baptist University students attended the annual Yule festival at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.

The audience was most impressed with the national headlining comedian, known as “Michael Jr.”

Michael Jr. made previous performances on MAD TV and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno; and now, because of the arrangements made by Chris Hofschroer, CBU director of community life, Michael Jr. can add CBU students to his list of viewers, who were unashamedly pleased with Michael Jr.’s performance.

“Yule was a lot of fun. I love Michael Jr. He was really, really, really funny,” Nick Braden, senior, said. Braden has attended the event in previous years.

Another returner to the event, Kit Joos, said this year was the best year for Yule. He said that he “really liked the comedian.”

Michael Jr. jokingly said that he agreed to take this gig because “it’s so close to my heart. I mean, it’s close to my house,” as he lives in the Orange County area.

“I think Yule was really good,” Michael Jr. said. “The beef was delicious. Sometimes the food’s not good. The food was actually good here. And the people are really nice and so giving. I had a really good time with the students.”

Another exciting happening of the evening was the naming of Mr. and Ms. CBU.

Each year, students nominate and vote for who they believe encompasses what it means to be a CBU student, qualifications include: participation in campus activities, active leadership on campus, citizenship and school pride.

A short video played featuring each of the nominees talking about their campus involvement or whether they like Twilight or Harry Potter better.

Then Tim Hawley and Dayna Menjivar, last year’s Mr. and Ms. CBU, revealed who would take their spots.

This year’s winners were Luke Womack and Kristin De La Cruz.

Womack was honored to be given this title.

“I think it means to me that I’ve left an impact at CBU,” Womack said. “My goal, freshman year, was to leave a mark on the campus at CBU; to not just pass through without leaving a legacy of some kind.”

De La Cruz was also appreciative of being named Ms. CBU.

“I always considered Ms. CBU as someone who genuinely cares about our campus; including the student body. It is someone who cares for oth- ers and strives to “live your purpose” by serving Christ.

When I found out that I was Ms. CBU, I was so honored. Every one of the nominees are such great people and any of them fit that description,” De La Cruz said.

Even Mr. CBU noted his approval of the event as a whole and more specifically, Michael Jr.

“Tonight’s event exceeded my expectations,” Womack said. “Michael Jr. tickled my funny bone.”

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