Coffee Depot closes its doors

Aaron Kim--Coffee Depot owners leave due to family matters.

A tragic family event prompts the closing of a local favorite.

After ten years of service, the mom-and-pop coffee shop, a favorite among students, will close it’s doors.

On Dec. 26 Coffee Depot will say goodbye to the local community for good. The reason being: owners, Geof and Evelyn Gaines, are relocating because of family matters and cannot run the buisness long-distance.

“My husband’s father passed away, so it made more sense to close than to try and manage from far away,” Evelyn Gaines said. “It was a very tough decision for us to make. We love it. We love the students.”

Many California Baptist University students spend their time at “the CD,” which it is commonly called. Students participated in various activities, from doing homework with a cup of coffee-in- hand or attending free swing dancing on Monday nights.

Swing dancing, which is held by the UC Riverside Swing Club will continue at The Coffee Depot until the shop closes, making Dec. 20 the last day for people to attend the free lessons and dancing.

The Swing Club will continue to look for different venues after the Christmas season. Fundrasing opporunities for a new venue are currently in the works.

In the meantime, the Gaines’ are attempting to lease out the building in which Coffee Depot is located.

“We are looking for somebody to lease the space, hopefully a restaurant so people can still enjoy it,” Evelyn Gaines said. “We have leads but no body has signed yet.”

“We are hoping that at least some of the music will continue, but it would be up to them because we will just be leasing the building,” Evelyn Gaines added.

Dec. 26 also marks the 10-year anniversary of the shop’s opening.

Over the ten years, Coffee Depot started traditions and helped build community among Riverside residents.

“The most rewarding part is walking in and watching people smile and all the stories we hear of people meeting here and getting married,” Evelyn said. “We just had a wedding here for a couple who met here and then decided to get married here.”

With it’s doors closing and the uncertainty of the placement of the events that the community has come to enjoy, Coffee Depot leaves with morality in tact.

“It was a tough decision, but family comes first,” Evelyn said.