Climbing Class Informs and Entertains

Bonnie Koenn--Indoor climbing gyms offer safer more accessible options for rock climbers.

Rock climbing is an exciting activity that has garnered quite a following at California Baptist University – for various reasons.

It is exciting, enjoyable and tests both mental and physical abilities. It is also a great way to get involved in the outdoors and meet new friends.

In addition to being a good way to work out, indoor rock climbing is fun for parties, events or team building. Indoor climbing provides a more controlled atmosphere so one can improve on their skills.

“A climber need not worry about temperature extremes, sun in your eyes, wet/slippery holds, falling rock,” David Pearson, professor of kinesiology, said.

However, the sport does pose risks, especially if doing it outdoors.

Necessary precautions must be taken before venturing into the world of rock climbing. Training classes are highly recommended and offered in Joshua Tree throughout the year.

Although some may be weary of rock climbing.

“Rock climbing sounds dangerous. Indoor rock climbing does not sound as bad but it scares me because you rely on a rope or a person and either one has a possibility of failure,” senior Amanda Gruntz said.

For those who are interested in the sport but want to start inside, popular spots include Hangar 18 Indoor Climbing Gym and Threshold Indoor Rock Climbing Gym, both of which are located in Riverside.

Hangar 18 even offers a 50 percent discount off of a month of climbing to CBU students. Indoor climbing is affordable to students and promises to be a thrilling experience for even veteran outdoor climbers.

“I think it is really fun and a good way to relieve stress,” Elizabeth Gerhartz, junior, said. “I also think it is a good way to bond with your friends or significant other because it is a trust sport.”

CBU offers KIN121 Outdoor Adventure, which is a one-day ropes course that also involves rock climbing.

“The reason we offer rock climbing within our kinesiology curriculum is because climbing can be a great fitness activity and reliever of stress. While it is not a fast paced activity like running or biking, one can really raise the heart rate during a rigorous climb. There are also climbs that are intentionally fast and will tax the cardiovascular system more than an ordinary climb,” Pearson said.

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