Don’t Quit, Stick With It

Now that the season of feasting like kings has come to an end, your friend plans to get back into shape and convinces you to join them on the journey to physical fitness.

Together you join a kick boxing class, but after five difficult minutes of round house kicks and a combo of punches, you become tired and out of breath while everyone else is focused. At the end of the class, you are drained, sore, miserable and frustrated.

In an attempt to never experience that feeling again, you attempt to find a new type of cardio training. After a couple of failed attempts to find a suitable workout, you decide to quit because it feels too much like a chore.

These types of negative experiences cause most people to associate workouts with misery and pain. Sure physical fitness is work, but it is not meant to be a punishment. It is meant for self-improvement.

If your workout regimen is more negative than positive, it is because you have not discovered your niche.

Everyone’s body type is different and there is no one way of getting into shape. However, with so many workout programs it is easy to not know which regimen will suit you best.

Whether you plan to shed a few pounds or just tone up your muscles, here are some fitness programs to match with your personality.


This personality tends to be bored by routine workouts, primarily stays outdoors, competitive in sports and prefers the trail over the treadmill. Such activities that would fit are bicycling, walking, jogging, basketball and tennis.


You tend to focus and accomplish tasks more efficiently on your own without competition or an audience. Try activities like yoga, strength training, walking, stretching or workouts on DVD. This will allow you to achieve the results your way.

Social Butterfly

You love to be around people, chat and see working out as a social event. Workouts like cardio classes, dance, pilates, aerobics, basketball or a membership to a gym would suit you best.


This personality loves to challenge their endurance and stamina, relieve stress and practice repetitive strength and resistance exercises. Such beneficial activities include resistance bands, yoga, jump rope, medicine ball exercises, sit ups and weight training.

Now that you have found your match, be sure to make safety your first priority before doing your workout regimen. Whether you choose to take a class or workout at home, contact your doctor if you have any health conditions. If you are not sure of the intensity of the workout, contact a licensed and experienced instructor if you plan to take a class.

Choose something that you will enjoy, that way you will stick with it. However, do not feel pressured into the latest fads in fitness. Instead, work with what is beneficial to you and your health.