boys like girls and girls like boys

In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Banner editors decided to discuss some of the most interesting and recurring conversations between males and females.

From the beginning of time God saw that it was not suitiable for man to be alone, then he created Eve. For as long as men have had mouths, they have struggled for the acceptable way to use them.

This isn’t your every day “he’s just not that into you” (but maybe he could be), sort of deals. Lets face it, we have created our own little bubble here at CBU-Land. The kind of place where if he hangs out with you for at least five minutes, he must have a crush on you,

Boys and girls don’t always understand each other. Sometimes there are mixed signals. Sometimes one person says something but really means another. Finding love isn’t easy and once you’ve found it, some don’t always know what to do next.

1. life’s not like a Disney movie

Young girls grow up believing the idea of a picture perfect man who appears magically at the right place and right time. All the princess has to do is sing with her perfectly pretty voice and he is her’s forever. But what happens when they grow up? When their perfectly pretty voices go away and they don’t look like animated models that they once were? The ending comes too quickly and then those same girls, now not so little, are left with an impression that finding that perfect someone is going to be easy. The reality of it all is that there is no time limit to finding love and sometimes, they have to wait. -girl

Prince Charming comes in all shapes and sizes. Each “princess” is looking for a different set of qualities in her perfect prince. Some guys don’t realize the good qualities that they do possess and they tend under appreciate themselves. To guys, females can be the most complex, confusing and complicated creatures in the world. Every guy at one point or another has hoped and prayed for that moment of insight into their significant others mind. Men thirst to know what a girl wants, because real life relationships are not what they are in Disney movies, they take a lot of time, effort and careful consideration. -boy

2. Communication Conundrum

Setting aside the girls that have already found “the one,” the effort and work to build a relationship begins with a conversation – the words that spark a crush or flirtation. There are those moments when he says something and automatically girls ask themselves: “Did he mean this or did he mean that?” Girls, unfortunately, can be guilty of over thinking the small things. “He asked me to get coffee with him before class but he asked his friend too. What does that mean? Is he not comfortable with me?” Even so, if men happen to be oblivious to what they are doing, at the end of the day there really is no way to know what he is really thinking. For that to happen, we would have to have a direct link to his brain. But who really wants that? -girl

Men and women are different – obviously. They speak two different languages. This assertion has become more apparent in today’s world that is dominated by text
messages, Facebook chats and webcam dates. Men can communicate all that they have to say in very few words. Women however tend to be more long winded. Each
gender seems to expect the other to communicate in exactly the manner in which they convey their feelings, when this does not happen they get letdown. When a man expresses his feelings in a few words rather than over a series of several very detailed texts, it does not mean he is any less “into you.” It simply means that he is comfortable with the level your relationship is at. -boy

3. love will find a way.
To be honest, maybe there just isn’t the right time for a relationship. Furthermore, college maybe isn’t the perfect place to find the one you love. The term soul mate can apply to our whole life. Some people don’t meet the one they are supposed to be with until later in their lives. God has his plans for when we are to meet that special someone. Of course, there will be crushes and people that you spend your time with but it’s about God’s timing, not our timing. -girl

No relationship is without reason. People come and people go but memories last a lifetime. Whether they are positive or negative all relationships impact the course of one’s life. Whether one is a man or a woman it is undeniable that the feeling of being loved and cared for is an ultimate goal. However, it is the process of reaching that goal that shapes us all. Don’t live your life searching for love, if you are patient and trust in God, love will find you – it found me. -boy

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