Five Ways to Tweet Successfully

Twitter has become a popular way to get information out to the public instantaneously.

News can be found seconds after it has happened via the Twitter feed since popular newspapers, magazines, businesses and celebrities have made their own accounts.

You too can join in on this Twitter craze to brand your business, your music or even yourself.

Like any social networking site, it is possible to misuse Twitter. But to help you prevent this from happening, here are five helpful ways to use Twitter to your advantage.

Number One- ” Twitter is a place where you can openly communicate with others who are usually out of your reach. You can follow celebrities and businesses and occasionally they may even tweet back at you. However, this should not be abused. No one likes to receive constant spam of the same proportions.

Number Two- ” Your best friend has Twitter? It’s perfectly acceptable for you to follow him or her. @replying them about the concert they went to last night is fine. However, Twitter is not the place for you to have a chat with your friends.

Yes, your @replies are hidden from anyone not following your friend, however, what about the followers you both have in common? No one wants to your conversations cluttering up their feeds. Keep the chitchat for direct messaging, text messages and phone calls.

Number Three- ” Do not tweet about everything you do. No one wants to know about when you’re going to the bathroom or what you’re eating. It’s also much safer when you do not tweet about being home alone or about your exact locations. If you want to tweet about a great place you are visiting, wait until you leave to tweet about it.

Number Four- ” Use Twitter as the public relations tool that it is. Use it for promoting yourself, the things you do, as well as others. However, do not tweet about the same thing over and over frequently, your tweets will begin to contradict their purpose and just annoy your followers.

Number Five- ” Do not tweet every couple of minutes, let alone seconds. Updating your Twitter is the purpose of the site. However, updating constantly is more annoying than helpful. People are more likely to unfollow you if your updates are uninteresting and excessive.

Hopefully, these tips will help you become a terrific tweeter. Now get out there and show your followers what you are made of.

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