Major Possibilities

Bonnie Koenn--Make sure to fill out the essential paperwork for declaring your major.

A college major can dictate your future; it can impact what you are going to do for the rest of your life.

There are many factors that go into decision making for choosing a major. The most popular factors are: pay, what we like to do, how long we want to be in school, how that factors into our plans for a family and whether our chosen school even offers the major that corresponds with that career.

The Huffington Post recently published an article that breaks down an important factor that many are currently struggling with in this current economic crisis: whether the job we want is in demand.

The most desirable job by employers is accounting, a numbers-crunching major that requires mostly business and math classes. This major leads to landing a job at any corporation. According to, professionals working in the field of accounting track the liabilities, income and assets of a company for taxation, investment and long-term strategic purposes. Accountants must communicate and understand the financial operations of an individual or organization.

California Baptist University does offer accounting as a major that takes about four years to complete. This is a good major choice for those who do not mind math and are looking for job stability. There will always be a demand for accountants because all major companies need to pay their workers and keep track of expenses.

The second most desirable job by employers is finance, a career that considers how businesses raise, spend and invest capital, how individuals and firms allocate their resources among varying investment alternatives as well as how financial markets function. According to, finance is all about creating value. This major leads to any type of job at a corporation or working for any individual who has a lot of financial investments.

Finance, however, is not currently offered at CBU.

The third most desirable job by employers is electrical engineering, a rapidly growing field that encompasses everything from batteries, power supplies and microchip fabrication to the invention of autonomous robots and devices that can recognize human speech, according to This major includes designing, developing, testing and supervising the manufacturing of electrical equipment.

Electrical engineering is a major currently offered at CBU that takes about four years to complete. This is a good major choice for those who do not mind math and are looking for a job that offers a wide variety of choices, values creativity and pays a decent amount of money.

The fourth most desirable job by employers is mechanical engineering, an analytical job that involves the generation, distribution and use of energy, the processing of materials as well as many different aspects of creating and operating machines. It requires the clever use of analysis, modeling, design and synthesis, according to

Mechanical engineering is offered at CBU, taking about four years to complete. This is a good major choice for those who enjoy math and are looking for a major that offers a broad spectrum of careers involving creativity.

The fifth most desirable job by employers is computer science, a hands-on major that requires a lot of experience in technology, mainly computers. This job involves designing, installing and maintaining complex systems in diverse environments, according to This major leads to jobs that require investigation into algorithms, design efficiency, implementation and application of computer systems to the problems of business and government.

Computer science, however, is not currently a major that is offered by CBU. The field of computer science is one of the fastest growing industries today.

All five of these majors require several semesters of math. However, they offer a wide variety of jobs and are in high demand at this time, something that is influencing many college students.

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