Seniors leave a road to follow

Cayla Ames--There will soon be a pathway from University Place Apartments to Brisco's.

Anyone who walks around California Baptist University will see senior class gifts from years past.

These gifts include renovations to the James Building, barbecue pits, benches and bronze statues.

The senior class of 2011 voted in November 2010 to tear down a wall in the University Place Apartments to create a path that would lead to Brisco’s.

Other options for the senior class included extending the walkway from James Building to the Alumni Dining Commons or erecting a statue of a Lancer on a horse at the Magnolia Avenue entrance to CBU.

Of the 600 current seniors, a little over 300 voted. Roughly 200 students voting in favor of the Brisco’s pathway project.

Taylor Welch, senior class president, contacted Kent Dacus, vice president for enrollment and student services, about when construction, or deconstruction, will begin. According to Welch, work should begin sometime between February and March 2011. The earliest timetable for completion would be around April 2011.

“The senior class is glad to bring something more practical, more useful (to CBU),” Welch said. “This is something that will improve the school and make a difference.”

Indeed, this gift would have a great impact to those living in UP, giving more access to the living area, which is mostly populated by upperclassmen.

However, the class of 2011 would of course want to leave a legacy more than just a convenient walkway. Welch said, “We are not just leaving behind a path, but we want to leave here able to help others, and set a Godly example.”