Atypical Spring Break

The typical college student will spend spring break on some sunny beach side resort or on a boat in the middle of a lake but the same could not be said for some California Baptist University students.

Some students are doing service projects in other states for United States Projects, better known as USP, while others are working, going home, or just “chillin’.”

Junior Josefina Llanes is going on an atypical vacation by taking a camping trip with a few friends from Threshold Climbing. Their three day trip will be at Joshua Tree, Calif.

“Climbing may take some strength but, it is relaxing to me. Also it will be great to get away from my text books, and three jobs. Climbing is a great way to clear my mind from the steady college life” Llanes said.

Climbing indoors and outdoors are two different sports. Indoor climbing is a controlled environment where levels are set and the weather is constant, compared to outdoor climbing, the walls can be unpredictable and the weather can affect the climbers performance.

“This is my first outdoor climb but I am up for the challenge” Llanes said.

Sophomore Richard Prince will be in Colorado for the Navigators Spring Break Discipleship Conference. Richard will be gone March 12-19. Prince was a guest last year and enjoyed every bit of it.

“I learned a grip of information which equipped me with lots of tools and encouragement from influential authors and “studly” old men” Prince said.

Prince also wants to set a strong example for the young men in his small group. He wants to show them that you can do something edifying with your spring break.

“I get to hang out with some CBU people that I met last year. I made lots of long-lasting relationships that I still carry today.” Prince said.

Prince pulled a lot away from the conference last year but the most influential tool he became equipped with was a quote from Christian author, Jerry Bridge.

“If I am not able to get over the guilt and shame of my past sin, then I am telling God that Christ’s blood is not sufficient for me.” This quote buried itself within Prince.

Second-year cross country runner, Chase Williams does not have much planned for his spring break aside from two races that he will be competing in during the break. The races will be held in San Diego, Calif. during the spring break week. The team will be staying down there for the races.

Williams is not upset that he will be running during his spring break. “Sometimes I think what it would be like to be a normal student but in the end it is fun because I am staying in shape and the races are only two hours long” Williams said.

After his races, Chase plans on doing a little relaxing with his girlfriend and her family in Manteca, California. and maybe a little beach time.

Spring break often has an image of drinking, partying and sin tainted fun. Spring break for most CBU students will be about just gettting away and keeping their laptops shut. Spring break will be a nice recharge for the remainder of the Spring semester.