How-To: Be That Early Bird Who Gets the Worm

Beep beep beep ” The alarm goes off and it is time to wake up, get out of bed, get clean, find “clean” clothes and get to class. This sounds like the typical routine for the average student at California Baptist University.

However, it is not that simple for everyone. The alarm goes off and many students hit snooze at least twice. Getting clean is a relative term for some. Some students just show up to class in pajamas, while others take all of spring break to shower, groom themselves and get dressed.

A student’s routine determines how easy it is for them to be regularly on time for class. Here are a few tips and tricks to help every CBU student get to class right on time.


– Pick out clothes the night before. Not worrying about clothes is just one thing to check off the list of things to do. Also, if a shirt needs to be ironed, or shoes need to be polished, that can all be done the night before and clothes just need to be laid out or hung in a convenient location so that they can be grabbed quickly the next morning.

– Make sure that backpacks, book bags, purses or whatever is used to hold school stuff is in a easily seen location. Make sure all the necessary books, binders, laptop, pens and mp3 player are ready to go as well. Preparation goes a very long way.

– Place keys in the same place as well as a wallet, ID card and cell phone to avoid misplacing them. Small loose items are easy to just roll away and disappear until summer check-outs.

Time management

– It is always a good idea to sleep on a regular schedule. Going to bed and waking up at the same time all week long prevents people from getting drowsy over a period of time. Also, after a while, the human body adjusts to this cycle and will just wake up naturally without the need of an alarm clock.

– Since it is halfway through the year, every student should know how long it would take them to navigate from one building to the next. With this in mind, knowing how far it would take to get from your living area to your first class should be a good indicator of what time you should be ready.

– Meals. This is the biggest variable for many CBU students. The Alumni Dining Commons is a popular place to socialize with friends and even professors. This can lead to many unintentionally long lunches resulting in being late to a class. One way to avoid this is to set an alarm or take a meal to go. Find some way to gauge time when enjoying a meal so that socializing does not prevent you from being a good student.


– It is great to have friends in the same class as you. Lectures are more tolerable, group projects can actually be fun and working on homework together adds to the old adage, “Two heads are better than one.” Another great facet to having friends in class is that they can keep you accountable. A simple text to help wake you up or reminders of important due dates can be mutually helpful for everyone.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks are useful to those who have a problem with punctuality. Getting to class on time would greatly help any student with grades and academic success.

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