Recycling Fashionistas Show-Off

Chris Hardy--A thrift store offers high fashion at low prices.

High fashion, street fashion, international fashion… thrift store fashion? Yes, thrift stores!

Believe it or not it is possible get authentic fashion statements from your local thrift stores. It is a trend that has inspired many fashion gurus to dress with the more run-down or vintage look and it works.

Many people feel a little skeptical about shopping at thrift store, even though it is possible get great finds for great deals. Even thrift stores have bargain days, junior Nayeli Gonzalez, is one of those people who has shopped in the thrift stores and vintage stores with great success.

“My first time going was last year, our first day of school and my roommates and I were looking for stuff to decorate and it was a dollar day,” Gonzalez said.

Briann Tyler, junior is another occasional thrift store shopper.

“I go straight to the purse section, then jewelry and other randomness around the store.” Thrift stores can have great accessories such as bags, jewelry and household finds.

“I bought a backpack that is Latin inspired with different patterns and colors and it was only 25 cents,” Tyler said.

“The first thing I ever bought was a light brown leather satchel, perfect color and size and it was only for $1,” Gonzalez added. So there is no saying that you will better getting a great item for an remarkable low price.

It is not just about how cheap things are in these stores but also about the meaning behind it and the quality. “[My friend] Briann found the backpack I wanted, it was my traveling bag that I took everywhere, from my ISP trip to Spain to Mexico. I would like to think of it as my world travelers bag,” Gonzalez said.

Just like this backpack, the simplest items canhave a big impact.

“You have to know quality and when to buy, you also need to go in there open minded,” Tyler said.

Not every thrift store or vintage store will have exactly what shoppers are looking for, it is important to intensely search and be patient when it comes to discovering a great item.

Clothing is one of the trickier areas.

“I like finding the treasures at a bargain price, I like going in and not knowing what I’m going to find,” Gonzalez said.

That is the magic of going into a thrift store, it is a place that is different than most. It has culture and a story. This is the same when it comes to making an outfit. People try to create an image that will tell a story.

Fashion has always been the art of creativity and uniqueness and thrift stores complete that.

It is all about vintage clothing and being unique when you are searching either for the eclectic top, or that 70s spring dress.

Vintage clothes come in many varities and are neither right or wrong; anyone can make their your own fashion statement and keep it original.

“Vintage doesn’t have to be one style, you don’t have to match the person next to you, vintage clothing allows you to express yourself,” Gonzalez said.

Thrift store fashion is all about originality and being able to bring what was once a dull dusty outfit and transform it into a work of art.