Taking a ‘Crack’ At Nail Fashion

Nichelle Truelove--Once nail polish starts to crack and chip, a new color appears.

Something in just about every female student’s make-up bag, medicine cabinet or bathroom drawer is nail polish.

From classic red to daring black to basic clear, a glass bottle of colored goop in whatever shade is the season’s hottest is likely to be found amongst her belongings.

For some, a simple coat of polish isn’t quite enough. Nail art has come onto the scene and does not seem to be going anywhere.

From stickers and air brushing to lace and polish pens to now, the newest fad, cracks.

Cracked nail polish may sound like a fashion faux pas but keep an eye out for this uniquely messed up trend.

Bloggers have been announcing the start of this new style: layers of polish of creatively combined colors peeking through crackly lines.

No matter what base coat one wears, when the crackle polish is applied on top it cracks as it dries allowing the base coat to show through.

The style picked up speed overseas, especially in Australia, but it seems to be hitting our shores in a big way. Celebrities have quickly picked up on the opportunity; Katy Perry’s “Shattered” nail lacquer is flying off Ulta store shelves.

Can’t track down the coveted “Shattered”? After seeing it in an issue of Teen Vouge sophomore Shayna Tasabia found a bottle from Mia Secrets at the Van Buren Drive-In swap meet. Ulta also carries China Glaze Crackled polish, available in white, grey, black, teal, pink and purple.

No two nails will look alike, with each nail showing different amounts of the base or topcoat, creating a unique style every time you wear it.

“I just bought it and love it, it’s great to pair a light shimmer with a light or dark color on top,” Tasabia said.

Want a tough yet feminine look? Layer up by putting on a base coat of pink and top it off with a coat of black crackle. Within minutes pink will be peeking through cracked black nail polish and you’ll be on the forefront of style. Try showing a little Lancer pride and try rocking a base of gold with dark blue on top.

“Use bright colors on the bottom and then a darker color to shatter on top, it stands out more” sophomore Beth Jayne Lacuesta said.

What seems to be popular about this new style is the ability to personalize the color combinations. Creating complimentary, contrasting and creative duos are drawing customers in and turning nail beds into canvases.