Catalog Changes

California Baptist University students can choose from three new majors this fall.

After several years of offering a Film Studies Minor, the Department of Modern Languages and Literature has added a Film Studies major. The major offers three concentrations: film analysis, screen writing and film production.

“Film studies majors learn to read and write effectively and look at the world with a critical eye, but most importantly, a film studies major develops a socially applicable and culturally significant audio-visual literacy,” said Melissa Croteau, associate professor of literature and film studies.

Classes offered within the major include: the physics of Hollywood, Asian Cinema and screen writing classes. Film Studies gives
students the opportunity to work for film companies and festivals.

These students also have the opportunity to work as art managers, critics, independent artists, casting directors and television producers.

“The university desires to send insightful, socially conscious graduates into the world to make a positive impact on the entertainment industry or any field they may pursue,” Croteau said.

The Film Studies major is diverse in nature, concentrating not only on local but global perspective, ultimately “enriching understanding of the world at large while encouraging students to examine and develop their own Christ-centered worldviews,” Croteau said.

A website has been created for the new major at

For students looking to work internationally, the Department of History and Government has introduced the International Studies major.

“International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that helps prepare students to work with for profit and non-profit organizations, government agencies or ministries that have a global footprint,” said Chris McHorney, chair of the department of history and government.

Along with fulfilling coursework for a concentration in International Relations, International Business or Global Studies, students are also required to spend at least one semester abroad or participate in two International Service Projects in different countries.

International Studies classes offer a wide variety of courses, including French, a new language being offered this fall.

Students are also required to take courses on language structure and development instead of focusing on one specific language. These courses better prepare students to learn new languages quicker since it is not certain which country students will encounter once they graduate.

“By allowing a diverse set of classes, this major draws upon the strengths of the students,” McHorney said.

The Department of Communication and Visual Arts has added a Public Relations major after a minor was approved in spring 2009.

The Public Relations major focuses on providing students a variety of skills by offering classes that concentrate on certain aspects of communication while also giving them an array of knowledge about the field of public relations.

Classes include areas of study in both journalism and communication as well as courses in marketing and business.

“Public Relations is a field that is growing. According to U.S. labor statistics, it is one of the fastest growing jobs in the country. Skilled writers, editors, designers and communicators are needed in this field. A Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations will help students to find employment upon graduation,” Mary Ann Pearson, director of the journalism program said.

Upon graduation, students have reported finding jobs with government agencies, sports information groups, private agencies or working for hospitals, non-profits and medical practices.

“The possibilities for employment in the field of public relations are endless,” Pearson said.