Local Labor Union protests at CBU

Kenton Jacobsen--Protesters stand on the corner of Magnolia and Campus Drive.

Carpenters Local 944, a labor union based in Ontario, Calif., set up a protest outside the Magnolia Ave. entrance of California Baptist University this morning. The labor union is protesting the school for using Fullmer Construction, which they claim does not meet local area labor standards regarding health benefits and pension.

CBU hired Fullmer Construction to create the Adams Plaza connector.

Danny Mitchell, vice president of industrial construction at Fullmer Construction, rejects the accusations made by Carpenters Local 944. He said, in a telephone interview, that the company does meet area standards.

The Chief Financial Officer of Fullmer Construction, James L. Fullmer, also sent a letter to CBU responding to the protest and upholding the company’s practices.


CBU officials sent out a mass email to students, faculty and staff who may be concerned about the protestor’s claims.