Mind, Body and Soul

A clear complexion, luscious locks, strong nails and vitality are desirable traits. However, in the long run these physical attributes are not the only things that bring confidence and splendor.

Without a healthy and active brain, the other traits are of little value.

What if there was a way to improve your nervous system, while also enhancing the outer you? This is possible with the right diet.

Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are important. Did you know that while you are munching on those vitamin rich nutrients you are actually benefiting your mindset and improving your memory?

Fruits, particularly berries and pomegranates, provide antioxidants, which improve memory and fight against free radicals for more beautiful skin. Antioxidants are also found in many other different fruits and veggies, along with nuts, seeds and even green tea.

“Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible,” Felicia Bush, a registered dietian, encourages in her book “The New Nutrition.”

Getting the right amount of protein is also one of the building blocks toward a beautiful you. Not only does it help build lean muscle but proteins like salmon, chicken, and legumes are amazing for brain function.

The Omega 3 Fatty Acid in salmon is a great choice especially because it boosts awareness and helps you stay awake longer. Not to mention it helps provide moisture for hair, skin, and nails.

It is possible to have your cake and eat it too – except this time throw out the cake and exchange it for some dark chocolate.

This rich treat is derived from the cacao bean, providing antioxidants that present elasticity in the skin. It also intensifies blood flow to the brain, provides a kick of caffeine, and even decreases stress. Dark chocolate, key word “dark,” should have at least 75 percent cacao content. Go bold or go home when it comes to this mood boosting food.

Next time do not reach for that greasy piece of pizza or that sticky, fried donut. Take in account the effect it will have on your appearance and ask yourself: Is that 190 calorie donut that is gone in 30 seconds really worth it?

Remember that moderation is key. If you want to change the way you feel mentally and physically you must eat a nutritious rainbow of produce. Eat clean and your body and GPA will thank you.

“Remember it’s your total eating habits over time that matter most,” Busch said in her book.