New Gallery Hosts puts on 3rd Annual Art Competition

For two hours on Monday, Nov. 1, between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., students filed in and out of the Metcalf Gallery in Wallace Theatre to view their peer’s art work and vote for their favorite pieces at the 3rd Annual Art Competition.

Art work remained in the gallery for days following.

Nicole Green-Hodges, an adjunct professor in the Department of Communications and Visual Arts, who is now in charge of presenting the galleries, hosted this event. She will plan some sort of art event each month and even plans on bringing in artists from downtown and out-of-state.

“My goal is to help the gallery grow. I want people to be aware of the art department and help people take advantage of opportunities,” Green-Hodges said. “As gallery person, my goal is to give exposure and accessibility to students.”

California Baptist University hired Green-Hodges, who is an artist in her own right, in 2007 to teach specific courses. She is now teaching Gallery Methods and Art Appreciation.

Her Gallery Methods class assisted in putting together the art competition.

Jenny Price, sophomore, is one of the students that was a part of the planning.

Price, along with two others in the class, put the pieces into their proper categories (drawings, paintings, photography, 3-D media and digital and new media), then measured and hung the work in an aesthetically pleasing display.

“I think it is good that students give support to other students. I want this to be a fun environment for students to come,” Price said.

Price also enacted Green-Hodges’ idea to have a multi-layered gallery, meaning music would be included.

At the request of Price, Daniel Greenwalt, guitarist for New Song choir, played acoustic guitar for the enjoyment of the browsers.

Students were able to cast one ballot towards their favorite piece of art. The artist with the most votes, Aaron Kim, received the CBU Choice Award for his raku fired piece “Chess”.

Kim also received the Ceramics Award and the Best-in-Show Award for this art submission.

“Winning those awards is a great feeling and was surprising,” Kim said. “Everyone has a different taste in art, so I’m glad they liked it.”

Other awards given were to Ashley Setzler for her painting, “Heart Strings,” to Michael Ring for his drawing, “The boy in the Turban,” to Andrew Thill for his Photography, “Raymond’s House,” and to Rachel Blackmon for her Digital Media submission, “Cubed.”

Winners received cash prizes for their submissions.