New plans for parking

Parking at California Baptist University has changed this year due to an increase in enrollment.

“The present situation includes both temporary and permanent locations. I would stress however that much of what has been created is temporary,” Mark Wyatt, vice president of marketing and communication, said.

With quite an influx of new students coming into the university for the fall semester, talks of parking expansion began during the summer months.

“These additions have been in the thought and planning stages for some time,” Wyatt said.

Four new parking lots with 290 spots have been added to fill the needed spaces.

“Hundreds of new parking spaces have been created in areas adjacent to Lancer Arms, the Joanne Hawkins Music Building, the James Complex and the north end of Parking Lot ‘A,’” Wyatt said.

Commuting student and senior, Tracy Blanchard, gives her opinion on the how parking is working for her.

“The parking situation has always been difficult,” said Blanchard. “they are trying to grow the school but I feel like I’m being packed in here and I think that freshman shouldn’t be allowed to have cars on campus.”

Off-campus parking is also available for both students, staff and faculty. “The parking lot across Magnolia is primarily being used by University staff members and by some students that reside at College Palm View Apartments,” Wyatt said.

“I think they are doing the best that they can with what they have and that this is the best they could come up with,” said Junior, Nicho Loza. “I also think that freshman should not be allowed to bring their cars on campus.”

There are plans for further development of permanent parking accommodations.

“Additional parking solutions are being developed, such as new parking to be added on the west side of the campus near the fence that separates the CBU campus from the neighboring apartment complex,” Wyatt said. “Other options also are being considered.”