“Pursuit” of a new Publication

A new publication will hit the stands at California Baptist University soon, joining the other established award-wining publications.

“Pursuit Magazine”, the first new publication introduced to the student body in more than 50 years, was founded under the advisement of Mary Ann Pearson, assistant professor of communications and education and Sandra Romo, lecturer for journalism and public relations as well as several dedicated students.

A team of handpicked and dedicated students came together to form an editorial staff and based the foundation of the publication on the principle of 1 Chronicles 28:9.

The mission statement of the magazine explains,

“We want to share the joys, fellowship and the trials that come with the pursuit of Christ. We want to take you through stories of strength, heartache, hardships and triumphs. We are called to something greater, to a purpose and we want to join you in the pursuit.”

Design Editor, Krista Goodman shared her thoughts on the hopes for the magazine.

“I really hope that we can cover issues relevant to us as students and what it means to live in the world we know today. I’d really love to continue to see stories about ordinary people that are leading extraordinary lives because God is working in them,” Goodman said.

“What I think will set the magazine apart from other magazines is that it will be a reflection of CBU student culture; of us and how God is working among us. Nothing could be more extraordinary than that,” Goodman said.

The students hope to not only enhance the student body’s reading experience while flipping through the magazine, but also their visual intake by providing a spread devoted entirely to photographs taken by student photographers.

This will allow students to have their photographs published in an asthetically pleasing publication.

“Students get the opportunity to showcase the little things in life that display God as the One True Creator. An organized layout that makes me think twice about the beauty of the world God has made,” Clint Heinze said.

“From an artistic perspective, we can use words, photography and graphic design to shape this voice for the magazine. We are striving to create a work of art this is pleasing to God, the awesome and ultimate designer,” Goodman added.

The magazine as a whole consists of indepth, thought- provoking articles compiled into six sections: Culture, Feature, Trends, Spiritual, Perspective and a unique spread showcasing photographers on campus; Clarity.

The publication will be released to the public twice a year, once a semester, but the staff hopes to increase the regularity to four times a year, in the future.