Take two: underwater shoot

Megan Paulos--Graphic design students had the experience of an underwater photo shoot.

The model adds long, thick extensions to her hair and dives into the pool as student photographers from the graphic design program at California Baptist University adjust their lenses to practice getting portfolios shots.

This hands on experience for the graphic design students took place on Sept. 18 at the Lancer Aquatic Center.

“It is a great experience for the students to get out of the classroom and use the skills they are learning,” Mike Berger said, assistant professor of graphic design and digital media.

Berger explained how students need to get a feel of a real photo shoot and learn how to work with models.

In this photo shoot, students had the opportunity to take photos of both divers and models in different stations. The first one was in the shallow end of the pool where the models stayed on the surface and posed for the photographers.

They were able to experiment with the models – the way they moved, floated and even the way that their hair surrounded them in the shot.

“This is a way we can get experience with real models because they move completely different from your friends or your family,” Danie Castilla said.

In the second station, models posed underwater and the photographers used a camera with underwater casing while taking pictures below the surface.

“It’s kind of a challenge because you can’t see the lines underwater but it’s a good experience to learn how to take shots,” Cory Crisafi said of the underwater shots.

The third station focused on the CBU divers, who were practicing diving into the water.

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Trever Hoehne said the goal for the photo shoot was to have a “fun ex- perience” and to “get people hands on in the pool behind a camera.”

Not only did these photo shoots give students work experience, but it allowed them work with their peers.

“We really try to build community in the design department and these events help us in that pursuit,” Berger said.

Another event titled Defy Gravity, also gave students an opportunity to practice being professionals on Sept. 11.

For the Defy Gravity photo shoot the team brought in real models and used fans and a trampoline toadd effect to the pictures.