Embrace Ugly: Beastly Review

Finding the one person who can see past the surface into you really are is difficult enough but for Kyle Kingston it is a challenge that he must overcome in one year or he will remain beastly forever.

In the edgy, modern take on the classic story Beauty and the Beast, Beastly centers on the story of Kyle Kingston, played by Alex Pettyfer, who plays a cruel trick on fellow student and witch Kendra, (Mary-Kate Olsen) and is put under a curse and transformed into a beastly looking young man. Kyle goes into hiding and must find someone who can love him despite his appearance and he discovers all of that in fellow student Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens).

Though the beginning of the movie is somewhat slow, once it gets through the first couple of minutes it starts to speed up. Viewers meet Kyle instantly while he exercises and it is clear from the first couple shots of his vanity.

Once the movie flows more, the audience meets the rest of the main characters and the animosity between Kyle and Kendra is tangible while there are tentative sparks of attraction between Kyle and Lindy. Once Kyle is transformed there are clear feelings of self-hatred, longing and desperation throughout the entire movie along with selfless romance and acceptance towards the middle and end of the movie.

While the movie was nicely wrapped up in an hour and a half, it could have gone another half hour and gone deeper into the storyline by showing more of the relationship between Kyle and Lindy and not speed through the film so fast. The movie covers everything in the time limit it had but it leaves viewers with a feeling of incomplete as at the end it seemed like it was just the beginning of the relationship.

There were good highlights throughout the movie such as the picture of Kyle and Lindy at the dance, funny highlights such as when Kyle brings Lindy boxes of candy and freaks out when she catches him even though he is the one in a ski mask as well as “awe” inducing moments such as when he builds her a greenhouse full of flowers.

Overall, the film is nicely done and will satisfy the romantics at heart and will remind the females in the audience of what it is like to be wooed by the guy that likes her. The movie helps us to remember that sometimes it takes looking deeper to what’s underneath to discover the possible potential of what could be and to find out that true love really is never ugly.