Off Campus Jobs

There never seems to be enough hours in a day. This statement is especially true for students with off campus jobs.

Being in class for 14 plus hours a week and working another ten plus hours a week can be very stressful.

Students do it because they need the money. There are the inevitable bills and needs of a college student: tuition, books, supplies, gas, insurance, cell phone and, yes, the eventual midnight Alberto’s run.

Life is expensive, especially in college students who tend to be full time students and part time employees. Students step out on there own, take their first steps into adulthood and start to really feel the expenses of everyday life.

Being adults, most see it as a time for students to take on a lot of these responsibilities for themselves; thus the need for a job.

There are many on campus jobs available but there are even more students in need of jobs, so this makes the competition high.

Freshman Michelle Maystrovich is a full-time student that works at Ice Town about 9 hours a week.

“Although it’s not a full time work schedule it still is stressful managing full time school and work but it’s always worth getting a little exta money,” Mayostrovich said.

Every college student can use some extra cash, especially with the state of the economy.

Ideally students would like to make extra cash by working somewhere that will help us prepare for our future career.

Jamie Carper is a senior on campus who works for the city of Norco as a recreational specialist.

He explained how working off campus has it’s pros and cons.

Being a commuter helps his schedule because when he would usually be socializing at school, he is at work instead.

“The biggest pro is having a job that is similar to my major, therefore it makes the job much better being that is something I love,” Carper said.

Senior Chris Wilson is taking 17 units and working up to 32 hours during the week.

He works as the youth specialist for the City of Norco. In this position, he helps with youth 18 and under. He works with education, programs, volunteer work and other special events.

“It’s really hard. I go from work to school, back to work and then finally home to get my homework done,” Wilson said.

Shayna Tasabia, junior, works at Castle Park on the weekends, is a Resident Assistant in Simmons Hall, hosts a Bible study during the week, is the captain of a intramural volleyball team and is taking 18 units.

Students with jobs that are off campus lead lives that are somewhat different from the average non-working CBU student. The have to balance their schedules and pay attention to their student planner.