Academic Success for Dummies

College life can be quite daunting. Trying to balance a part-time job, roommate bonding, sports practice and Bible study is difficult enough. Add those 16 units of classes and it suddenly seems as if sleep and food will have to be optional.

Fortunately, California Baptist University has already thought of the hundreds of overly stressed students just like you! The Academic Resource Center (ARC) was created with specifically you in mind. So utilize their resources by letting them help you succeed.

Contrary to the popular myth, the ARC is not simply a place for struggling freshman or students in academic trouble. Taken from its name, it is a resource available to all students, majors and academic levels.

“We are here to help willing students go from good to the best they can be,” Pamela Bailon, ARC coordinator, said.

Just a couple of services the ARC offers are group and one-on-one tutoring, life skills workshops, study areas and essay writing resources. Prefer working out math problems with someone who has been there before? Would you like to know how to give your essays that extra oomph? Do you like being able to study for tests in group settings?

Living by their mission statement, the ARC is “perceptive to the needs, learning styles and challenges of each student.” Each student is unique, and so is their learning style.

When asked what could improve any student’s academic experience, Bailon responded with three important areas that can each be achieved through the ARC.

“An essential trait of a great student is establishing a strong foundation of writing through tutoring,” Bailon said.

Have you ever stared at a blank sheet on your computer screen wondering how in the world you should go about writing that English paper? Head over to the ARC and get some inspiring ideas from a writing tutor. It will save you time for the more important things in your life, like having a Friends TV show marathon.

“If you’re looking to make an A instead of a B tutoring can give you an extra edge,” Bailon said. Those irritating statistics worksheets come every week, and every week you dread the hours you will spend in the library attempting to answer them. Instead of suffering alone, take advantage of the ARC tutors that actually enjoy the certain subject that gives you the heebie-jeebies. You will be done faster, understand more and who knows, you might even end up liking it. But I did only say might.

Lastly, this tip is for the bold and brave souls who really want to up their academic game. “Study in uncomfortable settings,” Bailon said. “Instead of doing homework on your bed, go to the library or join a study group.”

Many people might think of their soft, cozy bed versus the hard chairs of the library and forgo this plan. However, your brain is trained to link your bed and sleep, and even the couch can be tempting for a quick nap. Cut down on study time by mixing it up and leaving sleep behind. Go for a walk with your book, join classmates in the library or create a study picnic on the front lawn.

And remember, the ARC is open and available for your individual needs. Whether it is homework help, time management workshops or just a quiet place to study, make the most of your CBU experience and visit the ARC.

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