Commuter Tips and Tricks

Aaron Kim--California Baptist University commuter multitasks on his way to class.

Being a commuter student is tough. Not only is it tough on wallets because of the gas needed to get to school but it also makes it difficult to fully experience college.

Though college is about learning, studying and becoming a professional in your field, it is also about experiencing life and building friendships. California Baptist University is a great place to do this as there are many ways for students to get involved.

Fortunately, for commuters at CBU, there are programs in place that make commuter life more enjoyable.

Two organizations at CBU, in particular, have made an effort to tend to the needs of commuters: the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the Associated Students of California Baptist University (ASCBU). Each organization has workers whose job it is to plan events that will allow commuters to better connect with the campus.

It is important for commuters on campus to stop by these offices to see what is planned.

CBU has accommodated commuters in several ways to help them feel involved.

The first Wednesday and Thursday of every month, CAB hosts an event called, “The Sidewalk Café”. At this event, which is CAB’s main event for the commuter population, commuters have an opportunity to enjoy breakfast, coffee and conversation before going to class. CAB’s Commuter Coordinator, Cassy Bartizal, hands out information about all campus events.

Bartizal said that CAB will be hosting another commuter event later on this semester,“We don’t know exactly what yet, but we know it will be a great way for them to get involved.”

However, Chris Hofschroer, director of community life, wants to ensure commuter students know that they are welcomed, and encouraged, to attend all campus activities, not just those specifically planned for them.

ASCBU will have some commuter events being planned as they appointed their commuter council two weeks ago.

Here are some tips that commuters can use to make campus feel more like home.

Know the campus:
Commuters should walk around and get to know their surroundings. Spend some time at Wanda’s Cafe, utilize the library, learn to differentiate between the “new James” building and the “old James” building and find some new friends at CBU’s new eatery Brisco’s where no meal plan is needed.

Play intramural sports.
Many students are involved in intramural sports at CBU and their are many different sports they can try. The four main sports offered each year are: football, volleyball, basketball and soccer. Playing intramural sports is a great opportunity to meet people and have a lot of fun. Even if joining a team is not appealing, commuter students can still meet people while cheering on other friends and teams at some of the games.

Enjoy Starbucks.
There is a plus side to being a commuter. They can get Starbucks on the way to class and make residential students envious of their finely-brewed cup of joe.

Make friends who live on campus.
On-campus friendships have advantages. There will always be those nights when a commuter finds them-self on campus until late, so when they do not want to drive home, the floor in their friend’s dorm could be a handy place to crash.

There are also nights where a commuter can return the favor and bring friends to their house and offer them a home cooked meal.

Commuter students don’t have to feel disconnected from campus.

If you commute, use these simple tips to make the Lancer walk a little easier, and a lot more fun.

As Hofschroer said, “Remember, you are not a commuter student, you are a Lancer,” he said. “CAB’s goal is not to have commuter only events, but to get commuters connected to the campus community.”

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