Global eats, a local treat

AJ Lacuesta--

Viva Madrid
CBU students who are looking for an interesting night out should look into either Viva Madrid or Sevilla’s. Viva Madrid is tucked away in Claremont, about 40 minutes away from CBU. It is a very busy restaurant, but customer service is great. Meals are also budget friendly. The menu for tapas starts at about $3 and getting two to three plates can usually feed two people well. They also have a delicious desert menu.

Sevilla’s on the other hand is in downtown Riverside, much closer to CBU. They have a similar menu, but pricing is just a bit more. Sevilla’s also has salsa nights which is another way to dive into another culture. Ryan Arch, a CBU student who was in Spain this past summer learned that the American and Spanish attitudes towards food are very different. “In Spain, they don’t indulge, they enjoy. Meals are smaller, finger foods called tapas which are typically made with ham, cheese, bread, and chorizo.”

Manilla Sunset
Located about twenty minutes away from CBU and down the road from Victoria Gardens, Manilla Sunset is a “hole in the wall” that should not be kept a secret. They offer traditional Filipino cuisine ranging from adobo to lechon. Manilla Sunset also serves specialty desserts such as halo-halo and sago galuman. Manilla Sunset is also college budget friendly. Plates are in the $10 range, and it would not be a surprise if there are leftovers to take home.

Bann Thai
It would be unfair to categorize three distinctly different cultures together, but the Malay influence for food in all three cultures is hard to deny. Also, it is really hard to find a restaurant that specializes specifically in each culture. Ban Thai offers various types of dishes that can be made spicier or not, based on request. Bann Thai is not only local, but is very college student budget friendly.

Eating in these south-asian countries would be a different experience for most Americans. In developing nations, food would be inexpensive for a tourist, while nationals in those countries often have the same basic meal on a regular basis. Carl Walker, an ISP participant learned how to eat what is in front of him. “Whatever was in front of me, I had to eat, no questions asked,” Walker said. This experience helped Carl to understand the culture in Malaysia as he served the people there.

United Kingdom
The Royal Falconer
British cuisine is generally made with hearty, local ingredients. Its food is warm, comforting and hearty. Stop off at the Royal Falconer in downtown Riverside for a taste of some English delicacies such as Shepherd’s Pie, bangers and mash, and fish and chips. The prices are moderate and the portions are huge. Be sure to catch the cricket match on the telly!

Middle East
Mr. Kebab
Located on Iowa Ave near University of California, Riverside, this restaurant serves the best middle eastern and Mediterranean street food. They have an dinner plates for around $10 a piece. Or order off the a la carte menu to try tabbouli, hummus, shawarma or a falafel sandwich all for under $5 a piece. The menu is vegetarian friendly.

Joe’s Sushi
Joe’s Sushi is located just down the road from CBU. They offer a mix of Japanese dishes, as well as a wide variety of sushi and sashimi. Although their sushi menu is designed for American appeal, traditional rolls, such as uni, are available. For the average university student, the prices at Joe’s Sushi are not unreasonable, but expect to pay roughly $20 or more for one meal. Try their all you can eat menu to truly get your money’s worth.