How to: Change a tire

AJ Lacuesta--Brian Srausto and friend change a tire.

Picture this; you are driving down the road, listening to your favorite Justin Bieber song, when suddenly, you hear a “pop!” You now have a flat tire. What should you do?

Having a flat tire is not a regular occurrence but if it happens, it is good to be ready. Most cars have a car kit that has: a spare tire to replace the one that popped, a tire iron to loosen the nuts that attach the wheel to the car and a jack to lift up the car. After the car kit is located, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Find a safe place to work on your car, turn on the emergency lights and try to slowly pull off the road. Or, if driving on the streets, find the closest parking lot. Also, remember to engage your emergency brake when the vehicle is parked.

Step2:As soon as it is safe to work on the car, lift up the hood and remember to keep the emergency lights on. This is a sign to other drivers that there is someone working on the car.

Step 3: Inspect the car. Walk around it and see if there is any other damage or work that needs to get done. If there is, call a professional for help.

Step 4: Use the tire iron loosen up the nuts on the tire, but do not remove them just yet. Slide the jack to line up with the frame of the car and make sure that it is close to the flat tire. Then, slowly begin lifting the car up.

Step 5: Once the car is up, finish unscrewing the nuts. Then remove the old tire and replace it with the spare tire. After that, tighten the nuts, but still not all the way.

Step 6: Lower the car. As soon as the car is back on the ground, fasten the nuts to secure the tire.

Step 7: Place the flat tire, tire iron and jack in the back of your car and drive slowly-never faster than 45 mph-to your nearest tire shop to have the old flat tire repaired or the spare tire replaced with a new one.

A flat tire is never fun and not being prepared is even worse. If you are not prepared, it is now a good time to do so.

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