How to: Find the right spin for cleaning clothes

Josefina Laanes--Andrea Benson ponders her growing pile of laundry.

Properly washing clothes may sound simple enough, but it seems like a dying art form when looking around the laundry rooms at California Baptist University. Here are a few tips and pointers to keep clothes looking fresh and new for as long as possible.

Before washing, here are a few procedures to try:
-Sort it out: Start off by sorting colors and whites into opposing piles. This helps to keep white clothes looking white and vibrant. Also, try sorting clothes by color, because the dye in clothes tends to slowly bleed while in the wash. In order to keep colors as close to their color, wash similar colors together.

-Check for personal items: Check the pockets of sweaters, jackets, pants or shorts before tossing them into the washing machine. It would be really sad to find your brand new iPod or phone after you wash your pants. Also, you just might find that extra quarter you needed to pay for the coin operated laundry machines if you do you laundry in The Village.

-Inside out: For shirts that have something printed or pressed onto them, flip them inside out. This helps prevent the image or letters from cracking and peeling. For jeans, it will help preserve the color, especially in dark wash jeans, as well as prevent streak lines from forming.

When loading the washer:
-Balance the load: Make sure clothes are evenly spread out in the washing machines. The spin cycle makes the machine dance if it is not loaded correctly. Remember, at CBU, we do not dance, washing machines included.

-No rolls: Rolled up socks, sleeves and pant legs are not good. For socks, this prevents them from getting to their cleanest potential and, since nobody likes dirty socks, make sure they are unrolled before washing them. For pants, especially dark jeans, when they are rolled up or very wrinkled, the dye in the fabric tends to leak a little bit. Over time, the improper washing techniques will leave streaks of discoloration on the pant legs.

When loading the dryer:
-Use fabric sheets: Fabric sheets not only leave clothes smelling clean and fresh, but they also reduce or eliminate static. Fabric sheets are relatively cheap and help clothes look and smell their best.

-Load individually: Avoid grabbing an armful of wet clothes and tossing them all at once into the dryer. Instead, load clothes individually. This method does not take long and it actually helps clothes dry faster. If a T-shirt is balled up in the very middle of all the other clothes, it will not dry as well compared to a shirt that is unbound and tossed lightly into the dryer. This method takes only a few minutes and is a lot better than running the dryer twice.

When the dryer is finished:
-Be courteous: Remove your dryer lint from the screen in the dryer. This is just a common courtesy and it also helps to keep the machines running at peak performance.

-Fold immediately: Hang up the clothes or fold them. This reduces the chance for wrinkles and creases in you clothes. It also helps keep the dorm room or apartment looking nice. A pile of laundry, whether clean or dirty can be an eye sore.

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