Kyle Smith: CBU alumni and new Village RD

Cayla Ames--Kyle Smith, sitting in front of the Village’s painted wall, is eager to see the community grow.

Kyle Smith, California Baptist University Alumni and the new resident director for The Village, has returned to CBU in a new role and is ready for the blessings and challenges it will bring.

Smith graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Business Management, then went on to get his master’s degree in College Student Affairs from Azusa Pacific University and served as an RD at Concordia University before returning to Riverside.

“Coming back here is like coming home,” Smith said. “My church family, my friends and my girlfriend are all here and I’m so glad to be back.”

As an RD, there are many duties to be performed, such as: maintenance issues, meeting with Resident Advisors on a weekly basis and taking care of housing selections. For Smith, however, the best part of the job is simply getting to know the students of CBU.

“My favorite part of this position is being a part of the development on campus and walking and living with the students as they grow in every aspect,” Smith said.

Coming from a similar job at a different university, Smith noticed some difference between the two schools.

“Switching from a campus with a Lutheran heritage to a Baptist background comes with different stances,” Smith said. “But I love CBU’s mission of the Great Commission, the residential life staff and their holistic approach to meeting the needs of each student.”

Along with his staff of eight resident advisors, Smith has developed goals for The Village this year.

“We obviously strive to meet the needs of all our residents,” Smith said. “But we also desire to be intentional with the conversations we have, be authentic and real with everyone we are around, speak truth in love and have fun while we’re doing it.”

His current residents can attest to the fact that Smith is already living out these objectives and puts Christ and community in the center of everything that he says and does.

Another aspect of a resident director’s job is to plan events for the residents that foster fellowship and community.

“We are currently working on men’s and women’s Week,” Smith said. “Pairing up with the Cottages and Simmons Hall for the gatherings, it is sure to be another fantastic week of gender-specific seminars and entertainment.

The hardest part of acclimating to his new position has just been lack of time.

“I was hired only a few days before the training started,” Smith said. “It’s been fast-paced but great.”

In whatever spare time he has, Smith likes to remain outdoors and active. Currently, he is training for a 100-mile bike race and may even start training for the Half Ironman later this year. Others activities he enjoys include: being with friends, reading for leisure and drinking coffee.

However, his main focus is on the upcoming year in The Village and searching for the Lord’s will in each day.

“My main goal is building community this year,” Smith said. “And that can only be accomplished by focusing on Christ and seeking Him in everything we do.”

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