Parents at Orientation

It starts when children are at their youngest; the first time parents leave them with a babysitter. They are not sure what to expect and it seems they call too often, just to check in. The many milestones from kindergarten to the first day of college are filled with moments of letting go.

Aug. 25, came too quickly for some to send their child on their way. For others, like the parents of junior Tifinnie Baumann and freshman Christopher Baumann, this transition was routine. Tifinnie Baumann said, “I’m excited about Chris coming to California Baptist University because it’s an awesome opportunity to meet new people and grow in his faith” and her parents made the
comment that they’re not sad to send off their youngest child and they are excited to see how Chris does here at CBU.

Some parents are sending off their first child to college, others are veterans and are saying “goodbye” to their second or third child. The experience is always different.

The Van Dyne Gymnasium was filled with over 1200 students and parents who were greeted by current students, faculty and staff. Chik-Fil-A, Wells Fargo and many others from the community came out to greet the group of freshmen and transfer students as well.

Junior Grant Rosander and freshman Bryn Rosander’s mom, Christy, said, “I was elated when my first (child) went off to college. My second I said, ‘goodbye I hope you do well.’ But we’re sad to see Bryn go. Excited! But at the same time sad.”

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