Student handbook: strange but true rules

Almost every student is guilty of overlooking the countless pages of small words at the beginning of California Baptist University’s student handbook.

It is assumed that even though there are bold and underlined words, numbered and bulleted lists, students seem to overlook it.

However, there are a few atypical rules in the handbook worth looking at.

Rule number six on page eight under General Community and Social Expectations states, “Be honest and truthful in relationships with students, faculty, staff and administration”. This rule is a healthy personal reminder of how we should treat the people on-campus as well as every person in general. The next time you are brutally honest with a friend who is wearing an unflattering outfit; let them know that you are simply being honest and truthful and that they would probably rather hear it from you anyway.

Another rule found in the handbook will end many disputes between couples. CBU pounds down the gavel on the subject of public display of affection (PDA) on campus, and enforces it by establishing this rule: “Keep displays of affection in good taste regardless of location on campus,” found on page eight, rule number ten under General Community and Social Expectations.

If you ever find yourself in an argument about public displays of affection,
know that the student handbook is on your side.

College students are known to enjoy engaging in games like football, basketball, baseball and, of course, hopscotch during recreational time. However, the student handbook clearly states on page 15, rule number 15 under Advertisements, Announcements and Posters that, “The use of sidewalk chalk in not permitted without prior approval from the Student Services Office.”

So before you start your next epic game of hopscotch, be sure you have gained the approval of the Student Services Office.

This year CBU has updated the school dress code in accordance to the recent fashion trend and has declared a certain trend as a fashion faux pas.

Rule number five on page 16 under Dress Code states that leggings should be “worn underneath clothing items that comply with the Dress Code.” This means leggings worn under shorts, skirts and dresses that are too short no longer make those items acceptable to wear.

This also can be construed to some that they may not be worn as pants. Instead, they must be paired with bottoms that adhere to the school’s original dress code.

It appears to be a growing trend for young adults to live their lives “green” by making healthier lifestyle choices. What better way to do this than grow your own fruits and vegetables? However, in the Alterations to Rooms/Apartments on page 57 section two letter F, the handbook states that planting vegetation on University premises is not permitted.

During these difficult economic times, it is typical of penniless college students to look for ways to earn extra money to take care of expenses. Some get part-time jobs, some do yard or house work and some may even baby-sit.

Baby-sitting is a great way to earn extra money, but a college campus is not an ideal place for a child to spend his or her time. On page 16 under Childcare, the handbook states that baby-sitting is strictly prohibited on campus.

Do not let this rule discourage you, instead recommend to your employer that it is easier to watch their children in the comfort of their own home and not at CBU.

Knowing, understanding and adhering to these not-so-familiar school rules will open the door to a more smooth and successful academic career. These rules are not intended to limit students but to keep our best interests in mind, to help us flourish as a group of well-grounded, honorable young adults.

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