Testing the Faith

Although spiritual life is the main premise at California Baptist University, there is always room for the student body to improve their walk with Christ. The Christian Challenge ministry, which has been a part of CBU for a couple years, is one way students can do that.

Brian Zunigha, director of campus ministries, wants to see all students continually challenge their faith and is hoping to make Christian Challenge an outreach geared for all students on campus who hope to grow in their walk.

“What we are really trying to do is break down the view that Christian Challenge is just for freshmen,” Zunigha said. “We are trying to develop more of a structure to train people, and see people get discipled.”

Since the beginning of the semester, Christian Challenge met every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the “slab,” which is the concrete surface next to Smith Hall. During each meeting, a guest speaker gives a lesson or challenge that all students can use as a spiritual focus for the next week.

The meeting held on Sept. 16 featured Merea Price, resident director of Simmons Hall. She challenged the students to let go of feuds and confront the conflict we have with others.

However, Christian Challenge extends beyond just the weekly meetings.

“Our goal is to see Christians take the next step in their spiritual journey. To be challenged in their walk with God and to grow,” Samantha Hauser, senior and campus ministries intern said. “We also have a big emphasis on

That emphasis on discipleship plays out in the weekly growth groups that meet to discuss the previous Christian Challenge message.

“Christian Challenge is not just a weekly meeting. It is a discipleship structure,” Zunigha said. “We are trying to get students to be established in their faith and equipped to do ministry.”

Zunigha wants the students to use what they learn in everyday ministry.

To help further the progress of Christian Challenge, Zunigha planned multiple events for the fall.

One of these events, a conference that took place in the Copenbarger Dining Room on Sept. 25, focused on spiritual disciplines.

Another event is a weekend conference in Big Bear that is currently being planned for Oct. 15-17.

There is a great desire to see many students use this opportunity to grow spiritually and use what the learn to impact others.

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