White walls become a creative canvas

The grand opening the Riverside plaza’s art exhibit al- lowed the community to experience art which displays various themes such as “playing the part,” “looking beyond the exterior.”

It was hosted by the Riverside Arts Council and opened on Oct. 17.

The guest curators were Denise Kraemer and Sharon Suhovy. Kraemer, who graduated from California Baptist University, displayed one of her art pieces entitled “Playing The Part.” When observed from the left, the piece showed a happy young girl but when viewed from the right it showed a girl making a fist.

Kraemer explained that the piece symbolized how people possess two opposing sides. One side is how others perceive them, and the other is how one perceives oneself.

When questioned about the purpose of her piece she showed its different angles. Kraemer said that her art was meant to “overcome labels, move past the words and the parts that we played in the past, to become the people we were intended to be.”

Other art works touched on issues of conscience and imagination. Victor Zordan’s plant-like sculptures made entirely out of leather, attempted to stir his audience into examining their conscience. The purpose of his piece was meant to cause fear and to provoke thought.

Stevie Love’s installation “Constellation Island” was a glossy pink umbrella placed on a pink beach chair which was set on a folded carpet.

Behind the beach chair were torn pieces of fabric to illustrate movement. Love tried to awaken imagination in her audience.

“I often travel to the stars in my dreams, but never in a beach chair on a magic carpet,” Love said.

The artists, curators, and others had name tags. However, it was interesting to notice that the words on the name tags were not names at all. Instead they were words like “Fragile,” “Lamb,” “Firecracker,” and “Marlaina’s sister.”

The tags were intended to uncover the true identity of a person. When asked about these words, people explained that they were how others had labeled them in the past.

The featured artists are; Denise Kraemer, Sharon Suhovy, Stevie Love, Justin Hoffman, Victor Zordan, and Leora Lutz. The exhibit is located at the Riverside Plaza between Chico’s and El Torito. “Playing The Part” will be on display until Dec. 1.