‘Freshmen’ RDs for Freshmen

Incoming freshman will not be the only ones feeling like “noobs” this year. So will their Resident Directors.

Both Smith Hall and Simmons Hall have new RD’s. In Smith Hall it is Jay Stovall, a California Baptist University alumni and in Simmons Hall it is Janelle Fagg—also a CBU graduate.

“My hopes are just to build up strong men, building up men that are Biblical men of God. Just meeting guys where they are and taking them through life as they are just getting new independence,” Stovall said.

Like Stovall, Fagg has hopes for this school year.

“My hope is that every girl will feel welcome and that it would really become her home. I think also that our hope is to connect that resident with something on campus,” Fagg said.

Resident Directors really become family away from home, so students miss those who have moved on, such as Rick Diflorio, Smith Hall’s former RD.

“Rick DiFlorio,the former RD at Smith Hall, took a college pastor position in Redlands and Laura Paulus who was the RD in Lancer Arms for many years moved back to Kansas. Two others moved over to fill positions at the Colony, which is what opened up some other spaces,” Daron Hubbert, residential life director, said.

A returning RA in Smith Hall, Andrew Buchholz has words for the new freshmen: “Be prepared to have the best time of your life and, secondly, be prepared to beat APU in Smith vs. Smith.”

Smith vs. Smith is an annual event where Freshmen males from CBU compete against Freshmen males from Azusa Pacific University in activities like, football and video games. CBU’s Smith Hall lost two years in a row. Many believe last year’s loss was due to a fluke in the scoring.

Residential life can really by a lot of fun, and RD’s help make that happen. Oftentimes, relieving study stress.

Other Residential Life changes include, Rory Todd as the new RD for the Village and Merea Price and Kyle Smith for the Colony. Toni Jauregui is returning as RD to the Cottages.

Fagg said, “Utilize your RD, because they are a great resource. I want to get to know my residents by spending time and encouraging them. We are really here to support them.”


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