CBU transforms Parkside Village Apartments into ‘The Colony’

Too many roommates in one room? Not enough parking? Hopefully this will be a thing of the past at California Baptist University as increased enrollment challenges are a blessing in disguise.

Upon leaving the academic dining commons proceed through the breeze way of Yeager crossing the street and through the parking lot. What rises from the parking lot is now known as “The Colony.”

Hubbert says that “the colony is by far our largest area and can hold about a thousand students, being divided into two sides: Colony North and Colony South.”Daron Hubbert, director of residence life said, “It was desperately needed for us. In the past our housing has been so full. We had five people in every two bedroom apartment and three people in every one bedroom apartment everywhere else. So it’s truly a blessing to have more space … and nice apartments too.”

South Colony has a pool on its side which is where the yacht club event will be held later this fall. Other fun and useful amenities available at the Colony are Basketball and Tennis courts, which are being resurfaced.

Parking issues for the Colony presented a challenge. “They are building a new parking lot on the corner of Magnolia and Monroe… that will provide enough parking to accommodate everybody. That lot will be accessible only through the colony and not via Magnolia,” Hubbert said.

“All the entrances or exits will be closed off, so you cannot enter. Having that may be an inconvenience for some people that are closer to the outskirts of the gates but I feel like it will make everyone feel more comfortable,” said Shayna Tasabia, RA for part of Colony South.

Residents of the Colony may not park anywhere else on campus other than in the Colony. If a Colony resident parks in another lot they could find a ticket on their window.

The only way in and out of the Colony is through the main campus. “There are two roads that lead into the Colony the vehicle gates on Magnolia and Monroe are closed,”Hubbert said.

Residents of the Colony are upperclassman, sophomores to seniors potentially enhancing the community.

“We have huge courtyards in-between all of the apartments, and a lot of the apartments face each other so that is good for community and different opportunities,” Tasabia said.

Colony living differs from other campus dwelling areas in ways not just related to size and age. “I am going to have guy residence and so are other RA’s. This is the first time that CBU has done that,” said Tasabia.

“I am excited. It was desperately needed for us. In the past our housing has been so full. It’s truly a blessing to have more space,”Hubbert said.


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