Rec sports: raising the bar – CBU Intramurals grow; rosters organized online

Bryan Jarboe -- Intramural football grows bigger and better with league website and more competition.

Each year multitudes of California Baptist University students flock to the Community Life game room to get an intramural flag football team roster. This year there was no flocking.

Chris Cox is the Recreational Sports coordinator for flag football.

“We are not doing paper sign ups anymore,” Cox said. “and we have twice as many people and teams playing [intramural football] this year.”

The Community Life staff implemented an online intramural sports sign up program this year. All player sign ups and team selections were done online.

A team can preview their next opponent and view that team’s bio and all their players online.

With the massive increase in sign-ups for flag football this year, Rec Sports will be hosting a few Saturday games for teams.

“Flag football is the intramural league with the most tradition at Cal Baptist,” Cox said.

Perhaps the greatest aspect about intramural football is the camaraderie that develops on campus. Each year there is a different atmosphere of competition.

“Intramural football has escalated from a lopsided league controlled by one powerful team to a broad spectrum of talent,” Austin Maynard said.

Maynard did not play football in high school and considers himself more of a basketball person, but he embraces the chance to remain physically active and partake in some friendly competition.

Maynard plays for two-time defending champion team Dynasty.

Fortuna Bowl, the flag football championship game, brings its share of tradition and new surprises every year.

At Fortuna Bowl, the top two women’s and men’s teams face off to see which team is the best in their respective league. Last year they painted the front lawn, provided free In-n-Out burgers to students and gave away several prizes.

Assistant Director of Community life, Taylor Neece was tight-lipped when asked about what new things to be expected at Fortuna Bowl this year.

“If you thought Fortuna was good last year, you are definitely in for a big treat,” Neece said.

Neece also said new tournaments could be coming to the Recreational Sports agenda this year including inner tube waterpolo, dodgeball, kickball and a golf tournament.

Having four Recreational Sports coordinators this year, rather than two, has allowed Community Life to explore more options.

“We are also doing an all-star game where we are going to form a male’s all-star team and a female’s all-star team and Concordia University in Irvine will bring their all-star team and we will play Thursday night under the lights,” Neece said.

This event will take place October 20.

Flag football has developed quite a fan following at CBU.

“It’s a great common ground for people that maybe would not naturally interact to get together and even for the non-athletes to come out and watch,” Neece said.

Each Monday night Community Life hosts “Monday Night Football” as two games are played under the lights.

For those who missed football sign-ups, intramural volleyball sign-ups begin September 28.

Neece explained that having four Recreational Sports coordinators this year, rather than two, has allowed them to explore more options.

These options include new recreational tournaments including inner tube waterpolo, dodgeball, kickball and a golf tournament.

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