ADC offers more food for thought

Haley Helfer -- Endless options for creative food are always at students' fingertips.

One motto heard often on the California Baptist University campus is, “Come for the food; stay for the degree.”

It is the smell of fresh French fries, the mile-long line for chicken fingers and the endless supply of strawberries and whipped cream that make every waffle delicious that entice diners.

Though the food is generally upheld as being delicious, like most good things, too much of it can get boring and repetitive. How can you keep from getting tired of the sometimes too-wonderful food?

Change it up a bit. The Alumni Dining Commons, Brisco’s Café and Wanda’s Café all serve different entreés on different days. Switch off from each, depending on whichever you feel more comfortable with that day. Or, be avant-garde and use the provided food to make your own amazing creations.

At Brisco’s, it is easy to take food home with you, which can be used for a delicious creation later in the day. Fresh fruit, some simple juice and ice can be blended to make a smoothie or can be frozen to make a refreshing sorbet.

“In the caf,I like to add a twist to my drinks. I love to mix the strawberry lemonade with Sprite, then add a splash of passion fruit,” Amanda Gruntz, senior, said.

A commonly made drink in the ADC is ice cream shakes. A couple scoops of ice cream, a dash of milk and whipped cream, paired with your hand mixer and trusty spoon is a creamy treat that is only a few stirs away. When creating a shake, make sure to not make a mess of the toppings or tabletops.

Salads, also, can be made to a personal standard. Toppings are abundant and there are different greens and dressings. If creating your own salad seems impossible, the ADC regularly offers many different kinds of salads.

Branch out and try new food. Most students tend to stick with what they like and very rarely try new food. But, when they do, it is always a pleasant surprise.

Try the vegetarian dishes, even if you are an avid meat eater. A switch-up like this could give you a new renewed love of the ADC.

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