Fall Season Rockin’ at the Barn

Students come to college to learn and earn a degree. Life on campus consists of attending classes, studying and hanging out with friends when time permits.

One way to take a break from cracking the books is attending a local event where it is possible to listen to musical groups and bands.

Starting Wed., Oct. 5, numer- ous bands and groups will attend “The Barn Series” at University of California Riverside.

Every Wednesday, until Nov. 16, UCR will host a series of bands and groups to perform at “The Barn” (an on-campus social spot for students and faculty). “The Barn” has been a popular music destination since the 1960s, which hosted many bands and individuals including Blink 182 and Bob Dylan.

Alberto Camacho, former UCR student who now attends CBU, went to two shows last year. He said,” The experience was a lot of fun, it was a very chill atmosphere. Everyone was friendly.”

He said he saw a local band. Since last year was so good, he is going to try to attend this year’s se- ries too. Camacho also mentioned he received some free CD’s and a T-shirt.

The line-up for this year’s se- ries starts out with “Matt Pond PA / Rocky Votolato” on Oct. 5. “Matt Pond PA” is a band from New York formed by singer Matt Pond.

Some of the band’s music is included on the soundtrack of “The OC,” a Fox television series. Performing on Oct. 12, is “Quinto Sol Feat. Quita Penas”; Oct. 19, “Abe Vigoda / Crystal Antlers Feat.

Phaxanation & The Dust Kickers”; Oct. 26, “Pac Div Feat. Thurz (U-N-I).”

The line-up for November starts on Nov. 2 with Meb Tour with “Happy Body Slow Brain”, “Culprit”, “The Paper Melody & Late Night Revival”; Nov. 9, SKA Parade 20th Anniversary tour Feat. “Rude Boys Outta Jail”, “Queen P & The Delirians”, “Tuesday After School”, “MC Tazy Phyllipz”; and to wrap-up “The Barn Series” on Nov. 16, “People Under The Stars” / “2Mex”. “People Under The Stars” genre consists of jazz and soul while “2Mex” is a hip-hop emcee from Los Angeles who has record- ed and released some of his best works.

Tickets range from $8 through $15 for non-UCR students. To get the complete pricing schedule go to “The Barn Series” official website, http://rside.ucr.edu/barnseries/.

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