Influence through Social Networking

The ability to be influenced and impact various publics has changed as the social networking world expands and makes things such as measuring the influence you have on others, possible.

Klout is a free social-networking site that monitors the effect one person has on others and the things that might interest them, based on social networking activity and their ability to connect and communicate with others.

According to The Klout Team, “friendships and professional connections have moved online, making influence measurable for the first time in history. When you recommend, share and create content you impact others. Your Klout Score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100.”

Influence is measured and people are given a score that determines and monitors their internet activities through other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Klout has allowed for many businesses to connect and learn about each others’ brand, opening doors for advertising.

However, the negative aspects about Klout are that people are not directly involved with those they are trying to persuade, and can sometimes tweet about a certain topic or post something on Facebook that has nothing to do with the things they would like to learn more about, things that can potentially influence them.

Since Klout does measure any type of activity and allows the site to monitor all the pages you visit, it becomes easier to earn points and receive input based on the things you like.

If a person posts or tweets about a certain topic, it is likely that Klout will find that information and then put all that information together to tell them more information about that topic, often connecting businesses and people who share the same interests.

“Klout finds influencers in everything from barbecue to tech gadgets to gardening. Uncover your influence and find people who share your interests,” The Klout Team said.

The main goal this social networking site is trying to achieve is measuring person’s influence so that in turn they can be connected with those that can influence them.

While friendship and building relationships with others take time, Klout is speeding up the process and going beyond anything ever imagined.

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