Spotify: spot-on sensational

What music application combines the social nosiness of Facebook, the freedom of choice of Grooveshark and the naughty thrill of LimeWire, all while modeling iTunes’ accessible online shopping atmosphere?

Spotify is the newest addition to the world of music sharing and streaming software. In a world where consumers jump on anything free, Spotify is the Holy Grail. Music enthusiasts who want to save money but still listen to all the music they wish now can have both.

In the past, those who wanted to open an account with Spotify had to request an invitation or be invited by a friend. Now, Spotify allows anyone with a Facebook account to sign up.

Spotify’s unique features set it apart from predecessors like Pandora Radio, Grooveshark and iTunes. Users can create playlists, bookmark their favorites and find related artists, all like iTunes does. What set it apart is that all users need to do is “star” a favorite song and it is instantly archived in their library.

Spotify users can also utilize “Artist radio,” which models Pandora and Grooveshark, by selecting multiple genres and listening to artists that fit the search criteria. Users also have the option of sharing what they listen to on Facebook and viewing what their friends listen to.

All Spotify users qualify for a free, advertisement-supported Spotify account, which gives access to millions of songs. For the first six months, users can listen to as much music as they like. However, once this period ends, users will only be able to listen to a song five times with 10 total hours of allowed listening time each month.

Users also have the choice between a Spotify Unlimited account and a Spotify Premium account.

Those with Unlimited accounts have unlimited streaming of music, no advertisements and costs $4.99 per month. However, they will not have the option of using Spotify on their smart phones.

Those who choose to have Premium accounts receive other special features, like listening to favorite songs without an internet connection and having Spotify on their smart phone but comes with a $9.99 monthly bill.

For students who love using iTunes, Spotify is the better choice. However, for those who like spontaneity and listening to new music, they may enjoy Grooveshark and Pandora Radio more.

Spotify has revolutionized the enjoyment of music so it can be enjoyed in any on-campus hot spot. Whatever circumstances surround the need, Spotify can modify.

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