Tradition helps enhance atmosphere

Lisette Nichols -- Teams like the Webelos, Dynasty and the Bus Drivers are consistently on CBU’s flag football schedule year after year. Pictured above is: Francis Mikai, Kelly Leonard and Scott McLeod.

California Baptist University’s most popular intramural sport, flag football, relies on tradition.

It has become customary for teams in the men and women’s leagues to be continued from season to season but Rec Sports Coordinator, Chris Cox, said the girls take the traditions more seriously.

“There is more history of tradition in the girl’s league,” Cox said.

For instance, “The wheels on the bus go round and round” can often be heard echoing from the front lawn around Fortuna Bowl time as the Bus Drivers have adopted the song as their traditional cheer.

Cox referenced the fact that four of the 12 teams playing in the women’s league this season are returning from last year.

The Smooth Criminals, SWAT, Bedazzlesaurus Rex and Bus Drivers are all returning teams in the women’s league.

Cox is involved with some history in the men’s league as well. He is not only a recreational sports coordinator for flag football but also a member of team Dynasty.

CBU alumni Josh Mott and other former freshmen started Dynasty five years ago.

“Dynasty has established a tradition. A tradition of winning,” Cox said.

Dynasty has won the Fortuna Bowl the past two seasons. Teams Stealth and Full House are also returning to the front lawn after coming up short of the championship trophy last season.

Another team that is a large part of the history of flag football at CBU is the Webelos. This year marks the reemergence of the team that was once a four-time Fortuna Bowl runner-up.

Seniors Francis Maikai and JJ Steele, along with Rec Sports Coordinator Jacob Woodhead made the decision to reinstate the team this year to establish a lasting legacy after they graduate.

The team features a roster of three upperclassmen and 13 freshmen.

“My entire approach to all that I do at CBU this year is to establish tradition,” Maikai said. “I want to help create something to look forward to for underclassmen.”

The Webelos have had a history of never being able to seal the deal with a Fortuna Bowl championship. Maikai, Steele and the others are looking to change that this year.

The team’s motto is, “Building a Legacy as Legends.”

“Most teams that last a while are simply started by a group of freshman that want to get involved,” Cox said.

It is the teams that enjoy success that keep traditions alive from year to year. Bus Drivers, Dynasty, Smooth Criminals and SWAT have been staples at the Fortuna Bowl since their inception.

In the past, the Webelos had a tradition of winning games by throwing off the rhythm of their opponent using crazy defensive antics.

“One of our defensive plays involves defensive backs rolling over each others’ backs and coming set in a three point stance immediately before the snap,” Maikai said.

The Webelos also make waves by running on to the field out of the teepee that they bring to each game.

“The original Webelos entered the field out of a tent,” Maikai said. “We are trying to keep as close to the original traditions as we can.”

Most traditions in flag football are not as apparent as the Webelos interesting antics; however, each team has some sort of trademark that separates them and helps creat

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