Students moved to ‘Rescue’ Invisible Children

Chris Hardy -- students gather in the Alumni Dining Commons to view 'Rescue' by Invisible Children

A free viewing of “Rescue,” a movie made by Invisible Children was shown in the Alumni Dining Commons on Monday, Oct. 10 in which over 70 California Baptist University students attended.

Invisible Children is a nonprofit organization that strives to end the use of child soldiers for rebel wars in central Africa.

The film sought out to educate its viewers about the harsh reality of the use of child soldiers in Africa, specifically the northern region of Uganda. Joseph Kony, is infamous for kidnapping children in this area and forcing them to serve in his rebel militia, the Lord’s Resistance Army, or more commonly known as the LRA.

In the past two decades over 30,000 children in northern Uganda have been abducted and forced to serve in the LRA. Children now make up over 90% of this army.

When the children are abducted no records of their disappearances are kept and often times their family members are killed and leave no sign the child ever existed. This makes them virtually “invisible,” hence the name of the organization.

After viewing the film, students of CBU were offered a chance to help support the Invisible Children organization by starting or joining a Frontline team. These are groups of individuals that ban together to raise money to fight against the use of child soldiers.

“This was enlightening experience,I had no idea any of this was going on” Hallie Mayo, freshman, said.“I was amazed at all of the opportunities there were to help. People need to get involved.”

Many CBU students were inspired to do so and began their part in joining the fight against child soldiers. Freshman Emily Mayers, was one individual inspired to do just that.

“The images shown were devastating, it was definitely a call to action for me,” Mayers said in response to the movie.

If you missed the showing of “Rescue,” it is not too late to get involved. To learn more about child soldiers or to find ways you can support the Invisible Children organization go online to

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