Atypical Freshman: Angela Scott

Angela Scott works hard to balance working at a bakery and various other activities at just 16. -- Haley Helfer

Living away from home while juggling a job, modeling career and choir practice has 16-year-old California Baptist University freshman, Angela Scott, busier than the typical college student.

While a hectic schedule is not uncommon for a typical freshman, in many ways, Scott is unlike her peers.

Starting college at just 16, she left home far earlier than many college students. While skipping the eighth grade put Scott on track to start college early, she also completed a year at Riverside Community College before enrolling at CBU.

For Scott, working twenty hours a week at a bakery is not about having extra spending money; it is about paying to put herself though college.

This is a responsibility that can stress out even the most organized student, yet Scott has a breezy attitude and takes it all in stride.

“Breathe, just breathe,” Scott said.

Aside from being dedicated both financially and academically to her future, Scott also manages to be involved in activities both on and off campus. For example, she is a member of CBU’s New Song Choir and models professionally.

Scott works hard vocally for New Song Choir and sometimes gets caught up in the perfection of her voice.

“But when I remember to really focus on the words, I’m singing to my King. I am so blessed by Him,” Scott said.

Two years ago, a photographer suggested that Scott give modeling a try and since that suggestion she has done everything from shoots for Misfit and Company and New Shoe to our very own CBU ad campaigns.

As Scott started modeling regularly, she considered signing with a modeling agency in Murrieta but decided against it.

“I prayed about it a lot. I enjoyed modeling but it always made me feel nervous. That same day, after trying on dresses I thought were shirts because of their length, I really started second-guessing modeling,” Scott said. “I started feeling like this wasn’t what God wanted for me. The industry is really a sketchy one and I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue that, having a constant battle with not compromising my morals.”

For most 16-year-old girls, the thought of being a signed model might be enough but Scott is dedicated to following God’s plan and becoming a nurse. As a pre-nursing major, she is ready for the hard work and dedication that is ahead of her.

As if that is not enough for Scott, she also continues to stay close to her family.

She is the second to last in her family line, with ages ranging from fourteen to twenty-nine. With seven siblings, she often goes home to visit her youngest brother. Scott also has two brothers who live on campus.

While Scott may be atypical with how she manages her time and re- sponsibilities, she is typical in that she shares in CBU’s love for Christ.

Scott likes the atmosphere at CBU, especially living on campus, the belief system and open prayer in class.

“I recently transferred from RCC and had many professors who were openly anti-religious,” Scott said.

While it is clear that Scott is com- mitted to her future, what stands out the most is her acute sense of self.

“Take it one day at a time, God is going to use you when you’re ready and willing,” Scott said.

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