Five ways to wear scarves with style

With only one scarf, these simple techniques will flatter every outfit. -- Haley Helfer

Do not let a long, simple scarf restrict creativity. Make twists and knot. With just one scarf, you can create designs that will save you from buying more scarves.

You can make the modern one loop or the classic draping but there is much you can do with one scarf. The longer the scarf, the more you have to make a variety of creations. From the infinity to the braid, many styles can be created with one scarf.


Drape the scarf around your neck evenly. Take both ends and tie them into a secure knot. Crisscross the scarf and twist. Then, place the knot over your head and pull and loosen the scarf forward.

Magic trick

Drape the scarf around your neck, having one side longer then the other. Wrap the longer end around your neck. Pull the side of the scarf that is laying in front of you through the neck loop until you have another loop. Take the opposite side and pull it through the loop. Loosen or adjust for a more relaxed look.


Fold the scarf in half and drape around your neck. Pull one loose end through the loop, twist the loop and bring the other loose end through the loop again. Adjust and loosen accordingly.


Drape scarf around your neck, having one side longer than the other.

Wrap the long end twice around your neck and grab one end of the longer side and tuck in the back inside of the scarf. It will have a waterfall look.

Twist and Pull

Fold scarf in half and drape around your neck. Pull one end of the scarf through the hole and twist, bringing in the other end of the scarf through the hole, having both ends on the same side. Loosen if needed.

Wearing scarves is not the end of the creativity. Scarves can be used as an accessory on a purse or as a head piece, which is a growing trend.

These are only a few ways to wear a scarf. Be creative and start twirling, knotting and folding and see what new creations unfold.

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