Fireworks Spark the Victory for Two Three-Year Champs!

Chris Hardy -- Cullan Maher makes a great catch leading to a touchdown for team HAM.

As of Friday, Nov. 4, Bus Drivers and Dynasty kept their reputation as Fortuna Bowl “champions,” setting a three-year winning streak after the 2011 Fortuna Bowl Championship game.

Since California Baptist University’s very first intramural flag football game in 1991, Fortuna Bowl has been one of students’ most exciting and favored event of the year.

“I heard it was a big deal and that everyone who’s anyone was going to be here. And I was told that if I didn’t come, I was not a true CBU Lancer. So here I am,” freshman Tom Truax said.

1,000 In-N-Out burgers were distributed to students and faculty during the Fortuna Bowl pre-party. Despite the cold weather and a few rain drops, everyone was gathered around tables eating, drinking, and enjoying the disc jockey while awaiting the game.

“I’m excited about Fortuna Bowl because for one, our school doesn’t have a football team, so it’s pretty cool to see my friends play football like a real game,” sophomore Evelyn Perea said.

Tiffany Lanning and Jeremy Mckee, members of University Choir and Orchestra, sang the National Anthem, yet due to technical difficulties before the start of the second game, the entire crowd sang along with the two inaudible singers.

The first game was Bus Drivers versus Smooth Criminals, two very familiar rivals. The Smooth Criminals walked onto the field first wearing bright orange prison attire to a remix of Michael Jackson’s song, “Smooth Criminal” playing in the background.

The Bus Drivers entered the field with two golf carts covered in yellow paper representing buses as the team ran through both while chanting “The wheels on the bus go round and round.”

Last year’s Fortuna Bowl game ended with a 8-0 victory for Bus Driver’s and they were determined to keep that record for this year as well.

Despite players falling and slipping due to muddy, wet grass, the Bus Drivers received their first touchdown within ten minutes of the first half.

Smooth Criminals were striving to make a comeback, but the Bus Drivers made two more touchdowns having a final, leading score of 22-0. The field rang of claps and cheers, especially after Bus Drivers’ quarterback, Carissa Mott was announced MVP.

“We played great. The girls deserved it, because they definitely played hard. Only two girls will be graduating next year, but we are definitely going to be the same team, with the same strategy for the years to come,” Bus Driver, Nicole Saar said.

Next game was longtime rivals, team HAM versus Dynasty. Team HAM wore their battle-red shirts onto the field to intimidate their opponent while Rihanna’s song “Run This Town” echoed through the speakers.

Dynasty showed no fear as they ran through the field fully pumped and energized.

Cullan Maher made a “spectacular catch” and first touchdown for HAM with three minutes left on the clock in the first half, yet Dynasty makes a comeback in the second half leading with a score of 8-6; HAM avenges again with another touchdown, but one last touchdown by Dynasty’s Eddie Muro determined the final score of 14-12 and Dynasty were champions once again.

“The team’s effort was outstanding and Austin did a wonderful job tonight, full of confidence. He definitely deserved MVP.” Dynasty’s Luke Baldrica said.

Proud of his former team Dynasty, HAM’s Cullan Maher said “We did good. We came out as one team and left it all on the field with only few mistakes, yet overall we gave it one-hundred percent and that’s all we could do.”

Though LA’s All-Star Drumline brought entertainment during both halftimes as they amplified the Lancer nation, a professional fireworks show at the very end left CBU Lancers going crazy, yelling, screaming, and taking pride in their school and in their friends for playing an outstanding 2011 Fortuna Bowl championship game.

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