What’s the secret?

A.J. Lacuesta -- Starbucks is one of many chains that feature "secret menus."

You find yourself ordering the same item from your favorite place. One day, you hear an unusual order coming from another customer’s mouth. Luckily for you, here is the “secret” behind a few well-known menus:

As many already know, In-N-Out has their own secret menu. Is it even a secret anymore? Some can recite the menu in their sleep for having such basic choices.

A nearby In-N-Out located on 7467 Indiana Ave. sells a grilled cheese sandwich, which consists of two slices of cheese with spread, lettuce, tomato and onions, if preferred, all on a bun for $2.21.

“I found out about the grilled cheese when a friend ordered it. I was really confused,” Darren Edge, junior, said.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen is known for their vast majority of frozen treats. However, none might have guessed seeing an old fashioned soda being sold there.

You can find the item being sold at 6665 Magnolia Ave. The cost varies from small to large. It is made of carbonated water, ice cream, your choice of toppings and whipped cream.

“The best choice of topping would be chocolate syrup. It’s the most popular,” Hyrum Dominguez, cashier, said.

Jamba Juice
This place made its name for its healthy, affordable and appetizing drinks. What few may know is Jamba Juice has a contradictory mixture of unhealthy drinks to choose from if familiarized with their secret menu.

“The way these drinks came about was from the staff mixing up their own ideas, running it through management, and then getting it approved. In order for customers to know about the drinks, you really have to know a worker,” Angela Churilla, cashier, said.

One off-the-menu drinks is named “Pink Starburst.” Found at 9825 Magnolia Ave. Ste. A, it runs for the price of $4.15 and up depending on size.

While Chipotle is famous for its made-to-order Mexican cuisine, one off-the-menu item is their quesadilla. Found at 3525 Riverside Plaza Dr., Chipotle sells a small quesadilla for $1 or a regular-sized quesadilla starting at $3 and up.

“Our quesadillas can include your desired selections from our ingredients to add into a flour tortilla with cheese,” Roselly Rinchon, cashier, said.

While Starbucks continues to be the popular choice for coffee, few know the whole secret to their menu.

There is no secret. Some Starbuck drinks consist of the basics: syrup, milk and coffee. Here is the catch: customers have the right to add or take off whatever they choose, which personalizes their own beverage.

For example, a customer orders a Mocha Frapuccino and then decides to add white mocha as well. The costumer may now choose to call this a “Zebra Mocha,” which is located at 3782 Tyler St. Ste. C for $4.05.

In short, if your local Starbucks has the proper ingredients to create the drink of your desire, most are willing to make it.

“I discovered a drink at Starbucks on Arlington about a month ago when a barista asked me if I wanted to try his favorite drink. It’s called passion tea lemonade, but you add it with apple juice, strawberry syrup, three pumps of classic and three pumps of raspberry. After I got this drink, I fell in love. Every time I order it, people look at me like I’m crazy because of all of its ingredients,” Maribel Ramirez, sophomore, said.

For some, many of these items might great choices during your next visit. Try them out to discover what other secret menu items they offer.

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