Brisco’s nutritional information online

Haley Helfer -- The nutritional information for these fruit take and eat products will be posted soon.

The campus eateries are undergoing a major renovation – online. Provider employees are working to provide nutritional information for students via the California Baptist University website.

“We are working on a program called Comp Nutrition,” Banquet and Catering Executive Chef Brad Martin said. “It’s a program that we are inputting all our recipes into to put out all the proper data that is needed and that the student base is trying to look for” Martin said.

The process of converting recipes and entering them into an online database has been long and difficult, with work beginning several months ago and no clear end date in sight.

“This is something that has been big for us, for you guys, and really on the forefront of what we’re doing right now,” Martin said.

When transferring recipes to the website student workers and the chefs alike are having to be mindful of variations in the nutritional data Comp Nutrition provides and what the chefs know is in their recipes.

“If what they have had put into the website is different than what we actually use, we have to go back in and see what we are using against what is already in the system and make sure they match. If they don’t match, now we have to go back and redo the whole thing so that they are matching properly,” Martin said. “Sometimes we are butting heads with the program and what we really do.”

Martin explained that aside from variation in product information such as this, human error during the data entry is sometimes to blame for shocking numbers. However they have adjusted some recipes.

“When we see that there is sodium out of the sky or high fat or calories or something we dissect the recipe and redo it, Martin said.

While the goal is to have a link on the CBU website, technical problems are preventing this at the moment. Provider is working with the website designer to resolve the issue.

While some information is ready, Martin explained that they have decided to hold out on releasing any of the nutritional information until everything is finished to avoid the frustration of looking for a dish but not being able to find it.

“We want to be sure we have full data ready to engage before we push forward with it,” Martin said.

Martin expects that while some students will pay closer attention to what they are eating based off of the information being available, he does not see it necessarily changing the diets of the students.

Freshmen Melissa Fillmore and Jackqueline Garland agreed having the information available will be a  good thing, however; Fillmore does not see it affecting her eating habits.

“I think it would be nice to be able to know what I’m eating, and I think it would make it easier to eat healthier and not gain the freshman 15,” freshman Jackqueline Garland said.

While it is still unknown when all of the nutritional data will be complemented and released, students can expect to see the information on the webpage.

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