Lancer life in 24 hours

High school students experience what it is like to be a student at California Baptist University for 24 hours on Dec. 1 and 2.

Every year CBU hosts “24 at CBU.” This event invites high school juniors and seniors to live just like CBU students for a whole day.

The participants stay in the dorms, attend classes, chapel and possibly a basketball game or other event that is happening on campus.

As the visitors stay in the dorms with the freshmen, they get a fresh view of what living as a college student is like and the hosts help them experience it fully.

Sophomore Cassie Kitchen hosted two girls during the recent 24 at CBU session and shares what they did during their time.

“I took them to the basketball game that night and they got a feel for the student section. Other than that, they had things to attend on their schedules,” Kitchen said.

On this year’s schedule, students can attend theater auditions, music and performance auditions, take a campus tour, enjoy free meals at the Alumni Dining Commons, attend classes and chapel and take individual department tours. Also on the schedule is a Community Life session and a meet-and-greet with the faculty. Parents who are interested in attending have a different, but similar schedule.

With all of these activities to reflect on what it is like to be a CBU student, the participants also experience the activities from a Christian perspective.

“I think it helps them get an idea of what CBU is like, but going to school here and spending a day here can give you two different perspectives. I think it gives them a good glimpse though,” Kitchen said.

Observing from the other side of the event, Resident Assistant Bradyn Brown remember what it was like when she attended 24 at CBU as a senior in high school.

“My favorite part of it would have to be getting to stay in the dorms with thefreshmen girls. A group of girls had a movie night for all of us that were visiting,” Brown said.

Being different than a tour, 24 at CBU goes in depth with issues that may make a prospective student nervous about taking one step closer to college. Since the students participate in many different workshops and classes, they get an in-depth look at what majors and opportunities are available to them at CBU.

“24 is different from just taking a tour and then actually experiencing what college is like. It’s really fun.” Brown said.

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