Newboys album reenergizes worship

Music enthusiasts crave uplifting and energetic music to get them through the last three weeks of class. Newsboys’ “God’s Not Dead” will wake them from their Thanksgiving-break slumber.

The Australian Christian band un- derwent many transformations since their 1988 debut, the most significant being their change in lead singers in 1997 and 2009. Current lead singer, Michael Tait, formerly a member of Christian trio DC Talk, brought Newsboys a new sound and even more success.

Fusing the classic Contemporary Christian music sound they are known for with the urban, rock-orientated sound found in DC Talk, Newsboys may have found a larger demographic. Their 2010 rock-infused album “Born Again” debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, shattering their previous peak at No. 28 with their 2009 album “In the Hands of God.” Their new worship set, “God’s Not Dead,” will undoubtedly continue their successful streak.

According to CMSpin, the album centers on dispelling German philoso- pher Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea that God is dead.

“God’s not dead, let’s worship [him],” Tait said on CMSpin. “We serve a living God!”

The album opens with the angel- ic, guitar-laden anthem “The King Is Coming” and is followed by the uplifting, euphoric chant “God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion).” An upbeat cover of Jesus Culture’s “Your Love Never Fails” and the electric guitar-sustained “Here We Stand” follow.

Immediately following is a cover of Hillsong United’s “Forever Reign.” Next are the spirit-filled “More Than Enough” and a cover of the ever-popular “Revelation Song.”

Concluding the album are a Newsboys-heavy “Pouring It Out for You,” a cover of Reuben Morgan’s “Mighty to Save” that appeared on their previous album, the DC Talk-flavored “All The Way” reminiscent of their 2010 song “Born Again” and the humble, life- forsaking “I Am Second.”

While the album is not an original collection of songs, it will fulfill ev- ery CCM listener’s rubric. It may not even reach the top 10 of the Billboard 200, but it will surely become the band’s fifth No. 1 album on Billboard’s Christian Albums chart.

The album already received support from fans and critics.

“There’s a decidedly global rock sound on Newsboys’ latest worship release,” CCM Digital Magazine said. “The collection …should appeal to longtime Newsboys fans as well as those looking for an up-tempo wor- ship release.”

“This new album from the Newsboys is definitely ear catching and worship ready … very impressive and won’t let you leave without feeling in- spired,” said.

Those who enjoyed Newsboys’ music when John James or Peter Furler fronted the band may not enjoy the shift in sound.

Still, this album will fit well into California Baptist University’s culture and should be treasured by many.

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